Utah Trikes is one of the prominent trike dealers in the United States. They are well known. They sell and ship out trikes all over the nation. They are also rather unique in that they offer some pretty extensive customization. They even have some of their own innovations such as “quads” and “beach/baja trikes”. Their workmanship looks superb. Looking at their customizations one would think that the trike manufacturer’s factory built the trike instead of a trike dealer. Their shop looks impressive … a small factory.

Utah Trikes Custom Shop

Utah Trike Custom Shop 2

They have many many trikes featured which they have done in the past. They all look great.

Utah Trikes YouTube Channel

Here are just a few samples:

4 seater electric trike

2 seater pedal electric trike

custom racing tandem being built

custom racing tandem

Author: Steve Newbauer

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