overstuffed chair trike

Now ya gotta admit sitting in the chair shown above looks like it would be a whole lot more comfortable than sitting on the diamond frame bicyle seat shown below.

df bike seat

Personally I am not a fan of being in discomfort. And it makes absolutely no sense to do so when it isn’t necessary. And that brings me to my point. We do have a choice. I know people try all sorts of things in an attempt to be more comfortable. There are hundreds of bicycle seats available making various claims as to how much better one is over another. I have tried a few of them and still found them all uncomfortable. They make special clothing (very expensive, of course) for cyclists to aid them with comfort.

panel gel cycling shorts

Personally I think this is ridiculous and the wrong approach to the problem of discomfort. First of all there is nothing sacred about a diamond frame bike, but there sure seems to be with many cyclists. I don’t get it. Not only is there the serious problem of discomfort and serious physical damage to the body occurring over time, but there are other factors such as going down in wrecks and getting hurt or even killed. The fact that one is so vulnerable seated on a diamond frame bike is something to consider. Recumbents are the answer and especially recumbent trikes since a recumbent bicycle can also go down. I know … been there … done that!

Yep, riding a tadpole trike has so very many advantages. As far as I am concerned it is a “no brainer”.  They are far more fun to ride. They are far safer to ride. And they are far more comfortable … even more comfortable than a recumbent bicycle.

It is a choice …

this: bicycle crash

or this: TerraTrike Rover 8

Both are smiling but one is a cartoon. In the real world it is not likely the rider would be smiling under those circumstances.


Author: Steve Newbauer

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