Note (added later after this article was written): It appears as though

this trike’s manufacture and marketing situation has come to an end

and at best is in limbo. The website has been taken down.

With the growing popularity of tadpole trikes comes new companies offering various products. One of them is Arctrike. They make a nice looking and sporty trike. The really great aspect of their trikes is that the trike is built as an electric motorized trike … not taking a tadpole trike and motorizing it. That means it is built heavier duty to hold up to the extra demands and stresses put on it. Arctrike is headquartered in London, Ontario (Canada).

Here is a statement found on their website:

“The Arctrike. Our promotional video, showing some of the attributes of one of the best designed, coolest looking, and baddest handling Electric Recumbent trikes on the market.”

They presently offer 3 models ranging in price from $5300 to $5700 to $6250. With each model the range of travel on a battery charge and top speed increase as does the price. All models are 7 speed. Hey, with a motor you don’t need 30 or whatever. All models have front suspension. For $6250 you can “fly” 75 kph (46.6 mph). Compare that to the 28 mph top speed of an $8000 German competitor which will go unnamed.

Arctrike left side

Arctrike right side

Arctrike battery panel

Arctrike front suspension

Arctrike 3 speed switch

Arctrike front suspension 2

Arctrike rear hub

Arctrike rear rack

From their Kickstarter webpage:


Length: 82 inches

Track: 34.5

Frame: Aluminum

Weight 93-99 lbs

Volts: 48 Phase 1/ 60 Phase 2/ 72 Phase 3

Brakes: BB7 for Phase 1 and 2 Hydraulic Phase 3

3 Speed switch: Phase 2 and Phase 3

Quick release seat: All models

Regenerative braking Optional on Phase 2 and Phase 3

A high powered headlight and taillight will come with the trike as will a headrest. Phase 3 model will come with a rear rack.

There is a 3 year warranty on the frame and frame components. There is a one year warranty on the batteries and motor. The quality of the frame and components as well as the electronics gives us the confidence to say that you probably would never need to use it!

The batteries are Lithium Ion. They are composed of Headway Cells. 3.3 volts and 15 amps per cell. They are top quality and are the latest in battery technology. The have a lifespan of proximately 2000 charges after which they are reduced to 80% capacity and then they will go another 1000 charges!!!. They can also be charged in a quick 2.5 hours from totally exhausted.

The rear motor is the famous Crystalyte HS3540 rear hub motor. This motor is used extensively by high end bikes such as the Stealth fighter and the Picycle. It is reliable and robust. We are using the non sensored version for ultimate reliability. Combined with the specially modified Lyen Controller it only requires a fraction of an inch of movement before the throttle kicks in.

Arctrike offers the following colors: purple, orange, red, yellow, green, white & black.

If you like watching videos HERE is a playlist of the YouTube videos the designer/builder has posted.

Who knows what will be coming out next in the tadpole trike industry. I reckon I will stick with pedalin’. I need the exercise. Besides, I would probably wrap myself around a tree piloting something like this. 🙂  I want to …


NOTE: The manufacturer has been providing additional information via comments so I highly recommend  that you read  the comments.

Author: Steve Newbauer

I have a few current blogs (tadpolerider1, navysight, truthtoponder and stevesmixedbag) so I am keeping busy. I hope you the reader will find these blogs interesting and enjoy your time here. Feel free to email me at tadpolerider2 at gmail dot com (


  1. The specs says it weighs 93-99 pounds. Never would I be able to lift it in my van or up a curb or over any kind of barrier in my way. Try thinking a lot lighter material. Try and make one that is 40 pounds or less total weight. That looks like the only downfall. Would never consider buying one I could not lift.

  2. Great deal on the kit, I ordered one, will be fun building some fiberglass parts for, I have lots of things planned, fenders, body, back fairing, derailer guard.
    Thinking of a roll bar and body protection on front and sides for off road, just my latest idea.


  3. Wow……..That’s a heck of a deal…..all of that for under $7000…that’s impressive….it’s very fast , sleek ….I can use it to get to get anywhere I want including work….Can i put a saddlebag on it ?

  4. Hi Steve. If you look on my kickstarter, a rear carrier will come with the top model. Mounting Panniers would be up to the customer, As for the weight, my trike is larger than the HP, is longer, with a slightly longer wheelbase and is more robust than the HP Velotechnik. The electric version is simply a kit they attach to their standard trike using the 500 watt BionX system. The weight of the hub motor and batteries are substantially different, for example; the battery capacity is rated at just over 500 Watt Hours compared to the Arctrike Phase 3 at over 1100 Watt Hours. Even the base trike has more capacity (720 vs 520). The Arctrike comes with a specially modified 18 fet controller. The headway batteries used in my trikes are larger and heavier but very robust and longer lasting, being able to be recharged 2000 times. The rear hub motor (Crystalyte HS3540) is heavier and much beefier and capable of infinetely more performance than the Bionx hub motor. The spokes on the Arctrike are thick heavy duty 16 gauge while the Bionx uses standard spokes. The Arctrike has many gussets to strengthen the frame and strut rods to stabilize the front suspension, plus larger tie rods, etc. A rear fender will be developed in production but as of now no front fender development, I think one has to put the difference in perspective. The HP trike is $7500 US or around $8000.00 Canadian making the Arctrike (at $1700.00 less) a better trike for the money of any electric recumbent trike on the market.

  5. Thanks for the review!…this is John Zoccano owner of Arctrike. Alot of planning and design went into the making of this trike along with much testing.The axles will definitely not protrude when the trike goes into production, as this model pictured is a prototype. There will be some small changes, such as a molded hard shell seat and head rest, among others. Please check out our Kickstarter campaign currently running. :


    1. Hi John, Thanks for commenting and sharing about the protruding axles. I will make a notation in the article as to what you shared concerning this. That is a relief as I know what protruding axles can do to mess up one’s day. I wish you well in your business venture. Some questions have been raised on Facebook Recumbent Trikes Group which I among others would like to have answers to. Perhaps you could address them. A couple of them which come to mind are: Can a rear rack be mounted and panniers? Why do these trikes weigh so much? Can fenders be mounted and will they be available?

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