invisible bicycle helmet 4

Do you see the bicycle helmet in the picture above? Of course not! It is invisible! That’s right. I am talking about an invisible bicycle helmet. Seriously, there really is a product known as an invisible bicycle helmet. It works much like an automotive air bag. It consists of a collar of sorts worn around the neck on top of the shoulders. It weighs about one pound. On board electronics and sensors activate the gas filled “air bag” within 1/10th of a second upon triggering. There is even an on board “black box” which records useful information during the accident.

invisible bicycle helmet

Like an automotive air bag it is a one time use matter so it isn’t a cheap way to go. It is an interesting concept however. The cost is approximately $600. (In the last video below it mentions a price of $450, but it is my understanding that the current price is about $600). At this time it is only available for purchase in Europe.

invisible bicycle helmet 2

It is the invention of two young Swedish women. About 7 years of time and $10 million have gone into the development as well as a lot of testing.

invisible bicycle helmet inventors

Here is a video about it …

And here is are two videos of some testing of it:

There are a number of videos about this product and I could go on and on sharing them here. I will end with this one however:

Here is their website:

I don’t know if it could be used on a tadpole trike however. I think it would depend upon whether or not the trike rider has open space up around their shoulders, neck and head like a bicyclist does. That all depends upon the individual outfitting I guess. Some seat backs are higher than others and come up behind the rider’s head. Some use/have head/neck rests which would definitely pose a problem. Some have other items right up behind their heads which would be a problem. And if you happen to have a canopy over your trike that would probably be a problem as well unless there is plenty of clearance above and behind the rider’s head.

Personally I would think that wear a pound of material up around your neck and shoulders could be a bit uncomfortable and get quite warm in summer weather.

$10 vs. $600 … visible vs. invisible

What do you think? Have they really got something practical here or is this simply vanity? One thing about it … the invisible helmet appears as though it would offer a whole lot more protection than a traditional bike helmet.

Author: Steve Newbauer

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