Willy Makeit

came across this video and thought you might enjoy it. This Korean man is getting quite a workout with this hand crank trike. As he rides along and the small building comes into view I couldn’t help but think “that is a lot of hard work just to get to an outhouse” (outdoor toilet for those who are too young to know what an outhouse is). Then the joke came into my mind … 50 paces to the outhouse by Willy Makeit. For the benefit of anyone who doesn’t know and understand what I am talking about here … Willy Makeit translates into “will he make it” … as in will he make it in time. Anyway, I certainly commend him as that is quite an undertaking. I certainly would not want to be coming down that grade and have things get out of control.

Here is the video description:

This hand bike is 63 speeds, rear wheel drive, full suspention, all terrain tadpole trike.
Front( self steering apparatus) and rear part are possible to assemble by QR.

Author: Steve Newbauer

I have a few current blogs (tadpolerider1, navysight, truthtoponder and stevesmixedbag) so I am keeping busy. I hope you the reader will find these blogs interesting and enjoy your time here. Feel free to email me at tadpolerider2 at gmail dot com (@gmail.com)


    1. What outhouse? That’s a guard shack. 🙂
      Besides, his legs may be perfectly fine as in functional. Just because he is on a hand crank trike doesn’t mean his legs don’t function. I have no way of knowing this, of course.

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