Many of you have probably heard that saying before. Of course, it is in reference to being fat versus being thin as far as our bodies are concerned. And I would imagine an overweight person made it up. And, no, it wasn’t me. But I am not talking about human bodies. I am talking about tires on our trikes. We have a choice, ya know. Some people really go for the skinny ones and some really go for the fat ones.

phantom catrike expedition

 fat tad 3

As to which tire we prefer it is, of course, a personal choice and should be based on the kind of riding we do and where we ride. Somebody who rides on pavement and wants to go fast certainly should not choose a fat low pressure tire.  Someone who frequently rides off road certainly should not choose a thin high pressure tire. Fat or thin, they both have their purposes and proper applications. A fat tire is superb for off road riding or riding on snow. A thin tire would be horrible for these uses. But if you take a fat tire out onto pavement … well, don’t expect to win any races. And I would rather imagine you would find you would greatly reduce the longevity of the tire doing mostly paved road/trail riding as they just are not designed for that. This is all just common sense stuff.

Fat tires are quite expensive compared to most any other tire for our trikes. Of course, they require special wheels which are large enough in width to accept them. The wheels are also quite expensive. The bottom line is … if you have the money you do have a choice. 🙂 Boys with their toys cost money … lots of it.

Steve Greene has a great article posted on his Trike Asylum blog about Fat Trikes.

I reckon I will stick with the approximate size tires that came on my trike and just …


Author: Steve Newbauer

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