Velomobiles are an interesting animal. Some are quite streamilined and slick looking. They look like they could fly if they had wings or compete with the fastest of race cars. Of course neither is true. But don’t underestimate them. There truly is somthing to that slick looking design.

velomobile trisled

The view from the pilot seat might even look like your are looking out of the cockpit of a jet fighter plane.

oceancycle velomobile for ICE cockpitt view looking forward

view from cockpit of velomobile

Did you know it takes 3.5 times more physical effort to ride a bicycle than it does a velomobile? So while a well conditioned bicyclist may be able to ride at 25 mph someone of the same physical ability can pedal a velomobile along at 30 plus mph. Keep in mind that this is dispite the fact that the velomobile weighs far more than a bicycle.

HERE is a list of velomobiles which have been made in the world.

Here are a couple of intersting informative articles on velomobiles to read:

Another factor is that they offer a degree of personal protection not found on a bicycle or even a tadpole trike. This one was hit by an SUV. Obviously it is a bit messed up but that is not true of the pilot.

smashed by suv at 20 mph

According to what I have read the top maximum speed of a velomobile obtainable on level ground is about 50 mph. That’s pretty impressive.

This velomobile is said to be capable of going about 80 mph.

velomobile - sleek fast looking 3

I would say that that is definitely putting the pedal(s) to the metal!

velomobile - sleek fast looking 2

So I can’t help but wonder what we will see in the future in the realm of velomobiles. Buck Rogers, move over!

velomoble space rocket

I find velomobiles interesting and intriguing, but persoanlly they don’t appeal to me other than the fact that they would be nice in inclement weather. I like being out in the open with the air fully on me as I ride along. But hey, if piloting one of these slick looking vehicles is your cup of tea … go for it. With or without a “shell” hopefully we can all …


I can’t leave this subject without having some fun. Here is proof that these things are fast …

velomobile wins


Hey, I worked long and hard to deceive you!

Author: Steve Newbauer

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