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Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead. For those who are after speed … TAH DAH! Schwalbe offers their new tire … the ONE. That’s right … Schwalbe One is what they call it. They already offer the Ultremo tire which is a racing tire … fast is the name of the game. The One tire is slightly heavier, but Schwalbe says it makes up for it in lower rolling resistance. And it is more durable and has better puncture protection.They are reported to be “very fast” and as having “very good grip”. Sounds good to me.

“Schwalbe One is the fastest and at the same time the most reliable competition tire we have ever produced,” emphasized Holger Jahn, Managing Director Technology at Schwalbe.

So now Schwalbe offers the Durano, Durano Plus, Kojak, Stelvio, Ultremo and One to those who are into speed. The One tire is available in traditional, folding and tubeless … at least in some sizes. Schwalbe lists them available in 700, 26 and 20 inch. I find Schwalbe’s website quite difficult to use when it comes to trying to locate their tire offerings.

These tires are not inexpensive. The 20 inch 406 (23-406) list price is $72.19, but from the German source I use one can buy 3 tires for $109.63 (including shipping) which breaks down to $36.54 apiece. The only thing is these from this German source are folding type not traditional.

Just a side note here — I personally don’t like folding type tires. I equate them with the automotive temporary tires … just something to get the vehicle down the road to a tire store to get the regular tire repaired or replaced. It is quite inferior to the regular auto tire and only intended for temporary emergency use. Folding bicycle tires are quite inferior to most regular tires. They have to be in order to be able to fold. They are okay to carry along in case a tire goes bad and needs to be replaced while out riding … especially on a long journey. Most definitely they are a small size when folded up and easier to carry.

Here are some websites where you can find more information about the Schwalbe One tires:

Schwalbe One webpage

Schwalbe One tires


Rolling Resistance

I think I will stick with the Schwalbe Marathon Plus tires. They do anything I am capable of and offer the ultimate in flat prevention and high mileage. Regardless of the tires chosen hopefully we can all …


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