Fortrike under pier

started seeing these tadpole trikes online awhile back. I think I first saw them on Facebook and that’s mostly where I have been seeing them. They are a bit unique in that they use regular** bicycle front forks instead of stub axles. This is somewhat common for individuals who build their own trikes, but quite unusual for a company producing them. They seem to be selling quite a few of them.

Fortrike (lots of images)

on the edge

on the edge 3

I assume that this is a picture of their storefront …

Fortrike storefront

Fortrike 2 front fork

They obviously are manufacturing the forks themselves **rather than using forks off of bicycles. Individuals who make their own trikes often “cannibalize” parts off of “donor bikes”. You can get away with that on a very small scale, but it would be nightmarish and most impractical if you are building lots of trikes.

manufactured parts

As you can see the X-seam adjustment is accomplished by sliding the crankset along the boom … similar to the design of the Atomic Zombie trikes.

front boom

They have even made at least one tandem …

Fortrike tandem

It is not likely that we will be seeing these trikes being sold in other far away countries, but hey, they sure seem to be popular where they are being built. And that’s good if you are in business making and selling them. I like their marketing photos as they are often pretty surroundings in the background …

2 Fortrike trikes

Maybe someday we will see someone riding along touring in another country on one of these. Keep a look out and meanwhile …


Author: Steve Newbauer

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