BIKE TOW LEASH for da pooch

Many of us like to take our dogs along with us for their exercise and companionship. There are various devices that have been made thru the years to accomplish this. I am talking about a leashing mechanism so that the dog or dogs can walk and run along side of us keeping them relatively safe and in place. One such product is simply called what it is … Bike Tow Leash.

bike tow leash on trike

When using any kind of a leash with a dog on a bicycle or trike the dog it is always best for the dog to wear a padded harness to attach the leash.

HERE is a good article on bike dog leashes.

bike tow leash

This product is basically designed for a bicycle. In the picture below you can see how it is designed to mount on a bicycle. In the video it shows the one end mounted to the axle bolt so obviously there are different ways to mount it. And according to the design of the individual frame it will vary somewhat.

bike tow leash mount 4

bike tow leash mount 3

Some trike frames are made similar and so this clamp could probably be used pretty much the same as pictured above. But some trikes would probably require something considerably different. Consequently some mechanical inclination, innovation  and ingenuity would be required.

bike tow leash 2 on trike

At $146 this product is not inexpensive, but some would say that it is worth the price when one looks at it’s design and how it compares to the competition.

There are other manufacturers of bicycle dog leashes which are priced lower. Here are a few …

Bike Balance Bike Dog Leash  one source was $63.01 and another source was $72.99

WalkyDog  $55

K9 Cruiser  $50.99

Springer Dog Exerciser  $129.95

I found a few others. but they were listed as ‘not currently available’ and ‘unknown if they will be available in the future’.

Lastly, HERE is a blog on taking da pooch along on a ride.

Author: Steve Newbauer

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