Utah Trikes FS Revolution Defiance right side view

For those who want a full suspension trike without the normal cash outlay Utah Trikes now offers their own new model … the Revolution Defiance FS. Starting at $2599 (SALE PRICE) plus $250 shipping. There are several options available many of which, of course, add to the price. It is all shown and explained on their website.

This trike is made of mild steel and weighs in at 48 pounds. One thing about mild steel … it’s repairable if it breaks. Also it is somewhat flexible which helps it not to break.

Utah Trikes FS Revolution Defiance left side view

With 9 inches of ground clearance and a seat height of 17 inches the rider sits high meaning that this trike is a bit more limited in cornering speeds and handling because of the higher center of gravity. However, that probably isn’t much of a concern for many riders.

Utah Trikes FS Revolution Defiance rear suspension

The back shock is a Torch DNM, while the front shocks are a custom spring design similar to that found on the HP Velotechnik Scorpion.

Utah Trikes FS Revolution Defiance front suspension

It has a total of 24 speeds via a Sun single crankset up front and a Shimano Altus derailleur, 8-speed cassette and a Sturmey Archer CS-RF3 internal 3 speed hub in the rear. The three internal gears and eight sprockets give the Defiance a wide range of 19-100 gear inches.

Utah Trikes FS Revolution Defiance rear hub area

Detailed Specifications:

Frame Material Steel
Trike Weight 48 lbs
Trike Weight 48 lbs
Total Weight Capacity 300 lbs
Wheelbase 45 in
Wheel Track 32 in
Total Length 79 in
Total Width 35 in
Total Assembled Height 34 in
Ground Clearance 9 in
Bottom Bracket Height 19.5 in
X-Seam Range 36 – 47
Steering Pivot Type Cartridge Bearing
Ackerman Steering Yes
Brake Steer Moderate
Self Centering Mild
Turning Radius 12 ft 8 in
Seat Height 17 in
Seat Width 15 in
Country of Origin USA

Utah Trikes FS Revolution Defiance steering

The buyer has a choice of 30 colors to choose from. That is a whole lot of choice.

It is good to see Utah Trikes getting more and more into making their own trikes. They have a nice fabrication shop area and do nice work.

Utah Trikes Custom Shop

So if you are looking for a fully suspended tadpole trike for a relatively low price you might want to consider this offering from the folks at Utah Trikes. Just FYI HERE is a link to meet the folks at Utah Trikes.

Utah Trikes buildings

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