the Bee

The BEE – a universal urban tricycle. You don’t want to get stung by this one as once it mixes in your blood you just might not be able to shake off its effect. Yep, you would probably just give in and get one. There is only one problem at present … just a minor one, mind you. “The problem is” you ask? It is not yet available. It is currently in a fund raising program trying to get into production. You might say it is a matter of the BEE, or not to be. HERE is an article about this little bug.

And yes, it is also to be available in a motorized version.

There is only one thing I see about it I don’t care for and that is the bicycle type handlebars. They just aren’t comfortable compared to the typical tadpole trike handlebars. One reason I switched to a tadpole trike is to get away from the uncomfortable ride of a bicycle.

Here are the technical specifications:

Length: 210 cm
Width: 100 cm
Height: 145 cm
Weight: 45 kg without motor and accessories
Size of wheels: 406 mm (20″) double wall alloy wheel rims
Suspension: front-combined spring and shock absorbers with central preload spring
Rear-spring URT

Brakes: Sturmey Archer 90mm mechanic drum brakes on the front wheels. Rim brake on the rear wheel.

Speed: Shimano 3×5 speed for hybrid .

Steering: full Ackerman, chopper type handlebars, turning circle: 6 m,

Optional electric motor support: EVbike 250/500W hub set, battery 36V10Ah LiFePO, speed limiter 25 km/h ,

Windscreens: polycarbonate windscreen, roof and side shields

Space: drivers´ height: 1.50 m – 2.00 m, adjustable back support.

Lights: Battery lights on front and rear.

Strong driver cage – weather protection, low side wind sensitivity

Protective shell out self locking U door – easy access, roll over protection
Car high body

Optional electric motor support: EVbike 250/500W hub set, battery 36V10Ah LiFePO, speed limiter 25 km/h


This is one tough little trike …

the Bee 13

For those who don’t understand … that’s a joke. It isn’t really that tough!

I don’t know if this BEE will ever fly and populate planet earth or not. I guess we will just have to wait and see. It is a cute little bug! It would be a shame to not have it survive.

Author: Steve Newbauer

I have a few current blogs (tadpolerider1, navysight, truthtoponder and stevesmixedbag) so I am keeping busy. I hope you the reader will find these blogs interesting and enjoy your time here. Feel free to email me at tadpolerider2 at gmail dot com (

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