Some trikes come with lumbar support built into the seat while other trikes are simply straight. As a consumer I would be quite willing to pay the extra $10 it would take the manufacturer to put the extra bends in the tubing for the lumbar support. I am sure they would charge a whole lot more than that, but that is about all it would cost them to do it. Utah Trikes offers an add on product to provide lumbar support. It costs about $30 and can be attached to most mesh seats and adjusted to wherever it is needed to provide the comfort and aid to one’s back.

lumbar support

Sometimes it is nice to simply add additional support and some folks need extra help for their backs. Here is this lumbar support added to a TerraTrike that already has built in lumbar support in its seat back.

lumbar support installed on trike

I am not promoting or suggesting the following product shown in this video. I just found it interesting and thought I would share it here.

Looking up this product I found the cost varying between $75 and $100. I have no idea if it is suitable for use on a recumbent seat.

There are other aftermarket lumbar support products available too. TerraTrike offers one for about $35.

TT lumbar cushion

Varilite offers an inflatable one very similar to what I have. The cost is $60.

Varilite lumbar cushion

I have a cushion similar to this which is inflatable so you can adjust the size and effect of it. Mine is orange in color so it stands out … something I would rather it didn’t do. I haven’t used it for years and hadn’t even remembered it until I started writing this article. I don’t have any idea where it is. I would have to hunt for it. Maybe I should and give it a try again.

I am sure there are yet other available to purchase. And I am quite certain that there are those who have/do/will come up with their own.

One thing I want to mention here is that if I were going to add something onto my seat I would not want some sort of a large cushion which would take up precious space forcing my body to sit further forward in the seat. Some trike seats are not very deep to start with so one can’t afford to give up any real estate. ICE seats are quite short … one thing that I don’t like about them.

I am going to go out on the proverbial limb once again and say what I am thinking. It the lowest cost trikes (Sun) come with lumbar support what is the deal that a company like Catrike only offers it on certain models? In earlier years it was only on more expensive models, but now they are all expensive yet they still don’t offer the lumbar support on some models. My Catrike Trail (2009 & 2013) only have a straight seat back. As I stated earlier it would cost so very little extra during the manufacturing process to put the extra bends in the tubing to provide the lumbar support. To my way of thinking not doing so tells me that the manufacturer doesn’t care about the customer. Our backs are not straight so why do they make a seat that is straight?

Riding in comfort is what recumbent tadpole trikes are all about. And adding some sort of lumbar support just might help some of us to …


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