autumn leavesIt is that time of year … the time when those of us who live in places where Autumn occurs and the leaves change to beautiful colors. Riding our trikes at this time of year is always special I think. I don’t have to go anywhere to see them as they are right in my front yard. Here are some of the Autumn colors out in my front yard:

autumn colors 002

I have red maple and red oak trees and burning bushes.

Still there are so many beautiful trees, bushes, shrubs, etc. out there to behold beyond my front yard and I really enjoy getting out there each Fall and seeing them. One of the best ways to do this is by riding my tadpole trike.

riding thru deep pile of leaves

The lovely Fall colors don’t last however and before long they change more and fall off of the trees piling up on the ground where we must then deal with them. (Many people remove them while others mulch them. Still others do nothing. For what it is worth I don’t believe in removing them as God designed fallen leaves to decay and fertilize the soil. Instead foolish man hauls them away to a landfill paying lots of money to do so. Then many people pay out more money to have dangerous chemicals sprayed/spread onto their yards. I won’t say anything more. I personally mulch them and it works out great.)

Riding along a trail or road covered with leaves can be challenging and a bit dangerous as one can not see the edge of the pavement and can easily ride off it and get into trouble, especially if there is a drop off. That can be really dangerous on a bicycle.

leaves on trail, new trail completed 001

Fortunately on a tadpole trike it is a bit safer. Never the less we need to be careful how we handle the situation or we could find ourselves over on our side or even upside down in some of those leaves or anything else that might be off to the side of the trail. So if you find yourself riding along and suddenly your front wheel goes off of the edge of the pavement be careful when you attempt to get back up onto the pavement. I already touched on the subject of tipping over. Besides that you can damage your tire if things go wrong. And some tires damage more easily than others depending upon how they are made and the material they are made of.

pink blossoms on trees

(Yeah, ( know … that is a Spring picture)

Some trails and roads are just downright enticing …

fall colors along trail 2

… while the views off to the sides of both trails and roads can be breathtaking.

Autumn colors

As awesome as it all is be safe out there. Don’t get so caught up in taking in all that beauty that you do something careless which results in an accident. If there is a safe place to stop and take it all in that would be the safest way to go about it.

fall colors in valley

Only God can create such awesome beauty and it is so important that we recognize this and give Him the praise, thanksgiving and glory due Him alone.  As I ride along one of these enticing trails I like having communion with my Creator and telling Him how awesome He is.

fall colors along trail 3

If you don’t happen to live in a place where you have this beautiful annual transformation of the seasons in some ways I feel sorry for you. But then again you probably don’t have what follows this awesome beauty to contend with either. It too can be very pretty, but it is not so pleasant to be out in it, especially when it is bitter cold and the snow is wet and deep. It is at this time I am somewhat envious of those who don’t deal with these four seasons.

snow covered road & trees

Freezing thermometer

I try to ride year round, but when it gets too cold and/or too much snow to deal with I stay home. I keep hearing that this is going to be another very cold nasty winter which will be the third one in a row. I was hoping for a mild winter so I could …


Author: Steve Newbauer

I have a few current blogs (tadpolerider1, navysight, truthtoponder and stevesmixedbag) so I am keeping busy. I hope you the reader will find these blogs interesting and enjoy your time here. Feel free to email me at tadpolerider2 at gmail dot com (

4 thoughts on “AW, AIN’T IT PRETTY?”

  1. All those landscape Photo’s are stunningly beautiful, but there is something missing, It’s me I should be trekking along all those beautiful trails, and roads, that look as if they meander off to Oz let’s just say…
    Than you as always, for your beautiful photo’s…!


  2. Hello Steve! You would like to ride into the winter? Why not try a home-made velomobile body on your trike, or failing that, anactual velomobile? I have seen videos of people all the way up in Norway, with deep snow around, doing rides of 20to 30 miles with one, with little difficulty, and these people were not young. (Late middle age by appearance.) Brian

    Date: Fri, 2 Oct 2015 04:03:01 +0000 To:

    1. I have no interest in having a velomobile. I have no money to buy one anyway nor do I have anyplace to store one. If I had one I would only use it in bad weather such as bitter cold or rain. As far as riding in snow a trike will only roll thru 3 to 4 inches depending upon how wet it is. We usually have a whole lot more snow than that so riding in it is impossible unless one has a modified trike set up with skis and a rear wheel track system. All that takes money and I don’t have any to spend like this.

  3. Wonderfully stated! There is no better way to enjoy God’s creation than by trike. This is a wonderful piece, thanks for this blog.

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