Laidback Bike Report

Gary Solomon of Laidback Bike Report and their crew attended the recent Recumbent Cycle-Con held near Cincinnati, Ohio. Here is a video of his time spent there interviewing various folks of the recumbent industry.

And here is the video description:
“We left our respective studios and headed to Recumbent Cycle-Con in Cincinnati, Ohio. This entire video was shot and edited by the talented Travis Prebble. We recommend you watch the entire video at once but if you can’t here is a Table of Contents for each featured interview. Just click on the timestamp to jump to that segment.”
0:00:41 Linear/The Bicycle Man-Peter Stull
0:03:16 Azub Bike-Honza Galla
0:06:53 HP Velotechnik-Thomas Wilkens
0:10:06 ICE Trikes-Chris Parker
0:14:58 Cruz Bike-Jim and Maria Parker
0:20:00 Greenspeed-Ian Sims
0:23:24 Test Track Interview
0:24:55 RANS-Jerrell and Kara Nichols
0:28:19 Performer/RBR-Rob Gentry
0:31:06 BentRider-Bryan Ball and Larry Varney
0:35:00 Recycled Recumbent-A D Carson
0:39:50 ATOC/Project Mobility-Charles Buchalter
0:41:08 HASE Bikes-David Black
0:43:08 TW BENTS-Nelson Lin
0:45:47 Trident Trikes-Tom Flohr
0:48:09 Ti-Trikes-Ken Messier
0:52:30 TerraCycle-Pat Franz
0:56:22 Lightning Cycle-Tim Brummer
1:00:10 Recumbent Cycle-Con Show-Charles Coyne
1:03:45 Laidback Bike Report Crew Wrap Up!
1:04:43 Trike Wheelie Outtake-Gary Solomon

Here are all of Gary’s YouTube channel videos.

Laidback Bike Report website

Laidback Bike Report on Facebook

Laidback Bike Report started up earlier this year. It currently consists of 4 men from around the U.S. and 1 man in Germany. They are: Gary Solomon, Carl Kidd, Travis Prebble, Dennis Voorhees, and Lars Komm (Germany). You can read more about them HERE.

Each month Laidback Bike Report does a video interview with someone in regards to the recumbent world. You can view it live when it is scheduled and post a question to be answered live during the interview or a leave a comment. Their instructions on how to do this will be posted on their website prior to the live webcast. Apparently they don’t always have instructions posted. I just checked and there are none. The other day I found some which I am posting next. I have made minor alterations of rewording to have it apply to my posting it here on this blog … You can watch on Google+ HERE, YouTube HERE, or watch on their website. To comment on Google+ just leave a message on the Event Page. If you are watching on their website click on the YouTube logo at the bottom right of the viewer to go to YouTube where you can leave a comment or question. We will monitor these during the live webcast and bring them up to the person being interviewed.

Of course, you can view their videos anytime once they post them, but only during the live webcast can you submit questions and comments to be addressed during the interviews.

To aid us in knowing when scheduled as well as unscheduled broadcasts will occur we can sign up on a list to receive an email to inform and remind us. Just fill out the form on their website.

I just want to express my personal thank you and appreciation for this new “service” to those of us interested in recumbents. It is great having them make their reports. I look forward to viewing more from them in the future.

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Author: Steve Newbauer

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