Today is Veterans Day and I don’t want to let it pass by without posting something about it. As an eight year military veteran myself I know the sacrifices involved in serving in the military. I appreciate those who serve and want to say thanks for their service. I am a firm believer in “giving honor to whom honor is due” and so I salute my fellow veterans.

me in navy uniform saluting

Yeah, that was me at about 18 years old. I was looking down at a young child who was also wearing a navy uniform of sorts and we were saluting each other.

Jerry Steinman& Steve Newbauer in navy uniforms saluting each other

I have often thought about how neat it would be to have military veterans riding together in a Veterans Day parade with each former serviceman flying the flag of their particular branch of the military. I tried to organize this where I live but no one seemed interested. It is the same just trying to get others to ride together.


vets day parade

There are organizations which exists to help reach out to military veterans who need help coping. A part of their therapy is recumbent trikes.   … “ROLLING THERAPY”

ForgottenNotGone.ORG is dedicated to helping save veterans and their families from the destruction of suicide. Feeling alone, forgotten and abandoned, causes 22 veterans a day to take their own lives in the United States.


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Author: Steve Newbauer

I have a few current blogs (tadpolerider1, navysight, truthtoponder and stevesmixedbag) so I am keeping busy. I hope you the reader will find these blogs interesting and enjoy your time here. Feel free to email me at tadpolerider2 at gmail dot com (


  1. Happy Veterans Day to you Steve, and I’m sure you have a lot to be thanked for, I am guessing you served during either The Korean War, or Vietnam conflict.. And I believe you are right as to all those who had taken their own life from being alone and forgotten, and many other reasons, as war was not a pretty sight no matter what war they have served.. That would have to be this country’s, and many other countries problem, is the fact that after a service man, or woman has served, after the war they parted with their service they did not know how to turn the war off in many a serviceman or woman returning home.. It was their job to prepare you for your service to your country, and fight to the best of your ability as you were trained by your instructors.. But what about after the war how do they switch off that, anger, the desperate need to survive, and just the horrors, that almost every man and woman serving in the armed forces had to face sometimes on a daily basis for them during their service to their country… How do they shut those things off..? It is a problem of every nation who had to sent its children to a battle in which they did not personally start, but was there to try to put an end to it .. This problem has plagued many man woman, and child around the world at one point in their life, or another..! And is age old problem, to whatever theater of war they served.. We know how to create the wars we know what we were told started the wars, and we know what was said, that it was their duty to fight the good fight against an evil enemy of their country, And what was told them was the reason their need to sacrifice for their country was a calling, and highest duty of them when war has come once again.. Man has figured how to make the better weapon how to destroy their enemy in various ways, but never how to have a life after their calling to war… It will be a problem that will plague any, and every government in which has had to face the specter of war.. The money that was spent on the wars were always found just, but never has a government found it in its coffers the money to put back together it’s service men and women’s lives .. They are given a military stypment for their service then send them home to over crowded Veterans hospitals, and the other demon which tears a country apart unemployment… Yes we need to honor these service men and women but we need to honor them by having something for them to come home to not only a day out of a year.. Because for them war was not just one day but some times years of service, and no day out of a year is enough…
    God Bless all our men and women for what they have done in the name of war and honor as they were told it was an honor for them to serve for their country.. But now is a time when their country is to honor them…. From me, and on behalf of all my family who has served within this country’s services we say Happy Veteran’s Day, and thank you for your sacrifices that you have made for this Country…!

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