eon green Catrike Villager

On Facebook awhile back there was a discussion on colors … mostly white. It got me thinking about all the pretty colors I have seen trikes come in.

Yes, some tadpole trikes have some great looking paint jobs. I have noticed that some manufacturers change their offerings somewhat frequently. Catrike is among them. I can’t keep up with their color options. It seems like a certain color is here today and gone tomorrow. Then there are manufacturers which offer only a very few colors and some models only come in one or two  colors at the most.

I personally have a 2013 Catrike Trail which is “Saber Green”. I thought it was a pretty color, but Catrike no longer offers it. Now in its place they offer Eon Green which is prettier yet. (The Catrike Villager pictured above is the Eon Green.) Prior to the saber green they offered another green, but I think the saber green was prettier. So at least in one sense they seem to be improving when they make these changes.

These are the colors Catrike offered in 2013:

Catrike colors 2013

And these are the colors they offer presently:

2015 Catrike colors

One manufacturer which offers an amazing number of choices is HP Velotechnik.

HP Velotechnik color chart

I think possibly the prettiest color I have ever seen on a trike is pink but I know it is simply a personal preference. Here is an example of the color:

pink Catrike Trail

pink Catrike Expedition

I once had a picture saved on my computer of a pink Catrike which was a lovely picture. I have searched and searched for it to display it here, but alas I have not been able to find it. Yep, Catrike used to offer the pink color, but they chose to discontinue it. Here is one of their old color charts showing it. I think the purple was quite pretty as well.

Catrike older color chart

catrike road with pooch sitting in rear basket 2

I sure wish they would bring it back and keep it among the colors they offer. Yep, lots of pretty colors not too mention custom paint jobs one can also get. Utah Trikes offers quite a selection of custom colors. There are way too many to try to display here so I suggest you take a peek at their webpage where they show them.

ICE trikes offer very few color choices and a couple models only come in one color.

I am amazed to discover that some of the trike manufacturer websites have absolutely no information that I can find about color options. To be most honest I literally got frustrated and tired out trying to look up such information as I just could not find it. I would think that this would be a pretty key thing to show if they want to sell their trikes. Hey, what do I know. One of us (them or me) must be rather stupid.

Anyway, whether you have a trike that is one of these gorgeous colors or one that looks like this …


bicycle uglification 2

by all means … be safe, enjoy the ride and …


In case you are wondering about the last 2 pictures they are a bicycle frame which was purposely painted like this to “uglify it” as a deterrent to theft. Watch this video to learn more about it. It is a very controversial thing for sure. It might indeed deter theft, but who wants a cycle that looks like that? I just can’t fathom taking a gorgeous looking trike and painting it to look like that. It makes me shudder just thinking about it.

Author: Steve Newbauer

I have a few current blogs (tadpolerider1, navysight, truthtoponder and stevesmixedbag) so I am keeping busy. I hope you the reader will find these blogs interesting and enjoy your time here. Feel free to email me at tadpolerider2 at gmail dot com (

5 thoughts on “SURE A PRETTY THING!”

  1. Hi Steve. I’m pretty sure that your pic of the Eon Green Villager is a shot that I took of my wife’s trike to show the displacement of the chain return tube. The shop had placed the tube/chain over the tie rod causing unwanted shifts when the front wheels were moved to the right and back. Had it fixed by rerouting under the rod and have had no further problems. I can’t remember where I posted it though.

    But, on topic. I really the Catrike colors as well. We have the Eon Green Villager, an Atomic Orange Expedition and an Electric Blue Trail. 🙂

    1. Well, after reading your comment I went looking for that image online. I first looked at images in a search engine but didn’t find it. I then assumed it came from Facebook so I started searching there. It took awhile but I found it and you are right … it is a picture you posted. I hope you don’t mind my using it. I find most people don’t care, but on very rare occasion someone objects. I try to oblige them even though I don’t understand such an attitude or position. As for images I post online anyone can use them with my blessing. Anyway here is the posted image in Facebook Catrike Owners Group …

      1. Hi Steve. No problems with the photo. I used to post fine art photography with Creative Commons licensing for usage but not for sale. I’ve published hundreds of print quality images on various sites but your usage of this one is not a problem. Thanks

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