just received an email from a local bike shop which had an advertisement with the words “Get FAT in ’16”. Of course, they were talking about a FAT tire bicycle and not about gaining weight. Unfortunately many of us, myself included, tend to do well at the latter. But FAT bikes and trikes are catching on and more and more of them are being sold. Most of them are a bit costly and so they are something I am not likely to ever have, especially since I consider them impractical as one’s only trike unless you ride exclusively someplace where they are needed over a regular trike.

Just some messing around I did with photo editing

get FAT

ICE Adventure vs ICE Full Fat

actual comparison of ICE FULLFAT & ICE Adventure

I have never ridden one, but I am sure they are fun to ride. Going thru snow would definitely be easier on the FAT trike. Even so, FAT trikes have their limitations too. For me, riding thru snow would be about the only use I would have for one as all my riding is on trails, streets, roads and sidewalks.

More photo editing going on here. Powerful motorcycles can’t make it up this hill much less a human powered FAT trike.

fat trike hill climb 3

Just like the “monster trucks” can do some pretty amazing things a regular truck can not possibly do so these FAT trikes can way outperform a regular trike when it comes to riding off road. They are not designed nor intended to go fast and are not nearly as safe as a regular trike if one is ridden fast. But for slow going over rough surfaces they are the cat’s meow. That is what they are made for. Yep, they are pretty amazing.

fat trike hill climb 4

You don’t believe this, do you? Me neither.

But here is some real video showing some of what these fabulous trikes can do off the road …

Yep, you could get FAT this year. I am sure many will. Just try to …


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Author: Steve Newbauer

I have a few current blogs (tadpolerider1, navysight, truthtoponder and stevesmixedbag) so I am keeping busy. I hope you the reader will find these blogs interesting and enjoy your time here. Feel free to email me at tadpolerider2 at gmail dot com (

4 thoughts on “GET FAT WHILE TRIKING!”

  1. I think I should have been more clearer on my point of Fat rides as I was not attacking you Steve, or your post about Fat Rides, But just in general the hardliners out there who as of just recently had made some derogatory remarks concerning fat rides… I was just trying to give a view of those who made the crossover to Full Fat, that I am sure there are those who still do not care for the fat ride, but there are those who found it’s ride to their liking and comfort in riding something larger, but because of the fat ride stereotype, and remarks concerning the ability to go some places where others can but fat rides can not, and then those who can not go where fat rides dare to tread, and regular recumbents can not…! And it is only a matter of what your personal preference maybe, but there is going to be differences in liking as you suggest in your post and nothing more… And if you found my comment as a direct attack at you I do apologize, but it was not meant as an attack on you but the fat ride stereotype in general…!

  2. I liked your write up Steve. When the fat bikes came out I was drooling but when the recumbent fat trike and quads came out, I was in love. My only bent is a Velomobile but I have been lusting after either a fat trike or quad ever since. I live on an island with many a dirt cart path, single track and beaches in every direction.

  3. I don’t know, I am very happy with my Catrike Fat Cat Quad – 4, But if you don’t like them, then by all means don’t buy one… It’s a given taste, of what you want, but not a ordained, or predetermined one. nor is it marked in any higher power hand book of how to exist with your own a fat bike , or other cycle of large proportions of any kind, recumbent or not …! Nor will anyone hold a gun to your head demanding you to do so…! So why the big whodo about fat bikes, well there are people who just got started in the recumbent world who spent a very large portion of their summer vacation savings to just get into the recumbent movement, then there are those who have had to go with out some things in order to save their hard earned in order to to have one.. And then the fat line comes around and some folks are being swayed by the movement, but can’t afford it so they look for faults in order to cover their shortcomings… Friends, and neighbors start admiring the fat ride, and then those who you just had ridden with, Just not the day before, and had a great time with, feels this strange tug, and it’s that fat cycle, getting ready to make, or try to stray you from your non radical recumbent to you next Fat ride…! Lmfao…! It’s a ride OK…! If you like it great, if not, I would not be offended what so ever, I promise, I will not beat you into submission, or anything else…! Better yet I don’t care if you like the Fat Cycles, or Fat Woman, Just don’t try to make us all hate, because it’s just not cool…!
    Have A Nice Day, Peace…!

    1. I am quite surprised by your comment. I thought the posting was pretty positive concerning FAT trikes. I have nothing against them. I just don’t think that they are all that practical unless the riding one does requires one over a regular trike. It is like having a monster truck compared to a standard pickup truck. I am not trying to make anyone hate FAT trikes. I think I am just talking common sense. By all means, if a person wants one and can afford one they should get one. I could care less what they buy and ride. They can go forth with my blessing.

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