It is said that water and oil don’t mix. I am sure there are other things that don’t mix, but water and oil are well known and what immediately comes to mind. Something else that doesn’t mix …  1.5 or more tons of steel, plastic, rubber, etc. we call cars, trucks, buses, etc. and bicyclists. When they “mix it up” the bicyclists almost always comes out with the worst end of things. That being the case there are those who attempt to come up with ideas to implement to make it safer for bicyclists and motor vehicles to coexist safely. One of those ideas is referred to as “PROTECTED INTERSECTIONS”. Several different designs have been tried.

Here are some examples:

protected intersection

protected intersection cropped

protected intersections

You can read more about this subject HERE. And HERE.

And HERE (.pdf document)

Protected bike lanes are also a great concept. The Dutch people are light years ahead of most of the rest of us when it comes to cycling safety. There is hope however as various communities are looking at what can be done to improve things.

Author: Steve Newbauer

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  1. As this post was a couple of days ago when you had posted this, I had no comment as to this post.. But seeing how I was run into today by a woman leaving a bank parking lot, and was only paying attention to the one direction, and not to the other as she was sitting there for some time that even pedestrians crossed in front of her so I figured as I had just looked out at the oncoming traffic, that I would be safe to cross in front of her car as she was not going to be able to make the left handed turn that she had originally planned on, or what she had indicated by her blinkers, or directionals if you must, but it was clear to me that I would be able to pass in front of her, well no sooner than I had started out did she decided that she no longer was going to go in the direction originally planned, or had indicated with her directional signal.. Well as it was I did not bring the crystal ball along with me nor the magic 8 ball to lay question of her intentions, and my safety so that being said she run into me, and would have continued because she still had not looked in the other direction in which I was coming from, or in front to see that she was clear of any other passing pedestrians, or cyclist as in my case… So I pounded on the hood of her car with my cane, and then and only then did she realize that she was running someone, or in this case me over…! After which she jumped out of her car in a state of panic are you alright, and meant it, As she was almost in tears.. Realizing what it was that she had almost done…! Someone must have called 911 because it was only within moments that a Sheriff’s deputy had appeared on the seen, and started to ask if i was alright and for me to sit down and not worry about my bike, or buggy as he called it, and started on this poor woman reading her the riot act, And it was only after that I said all was alright and all her paperwork was in order, that he let her go, and then approached me, and said how lucky I was, and that only just a few minutes earlier he had wrapped up a scene which the cyclist did not fare as well as I, and was pronounced at the arrival at the hospital, and had been another simple mistake, or driver error, as witnesses at the scene reported after which he had asked me again because I was noticeably shaking if I was alright…! So I stopped at a coffee shop had a cup of coffee, and just reflected on the incident in my head, till a very pretty young lady entered the coffee shop, And I had all but forgotten the whole ordeal…! LoL…! But yes is the answer here we do need some protected areas in which we can cross traffic without worry of being killed…! I don’t know off hand as to the statistics here in Florida as to traffic accidents in which are involved with cyclists but I do believe them to be very high..! And I personally believe that we the cyclists of Florida which are numbered very highly within the state, and being one of the highest cyclists states in the country to have a fatality rate which ranks high above other states of the same populus mass… Now that being said you would think that motorists would know to look both ways, and especially be on the lookout for cyclists so as not to have this happen to them, because this is nothing new to the news industry as they report this kind of thing almost 3 to 4 times a day, not a week as in other states but a day…! This is sad but very true…! I always say a prayer before heading out the door for the lord to look out for me, and I have to say it works because I have yet by his grace to have been in a serious accident…! Well thanks for the post Steve, and you my fellow recumbent riders stay safe, and if you believe say a prayer it can’t hurt you but as we know cars, trucks, and buses can take you out in a heart beat of time….! Be safe, and many happy miles to you all…!

    1. I see it nearly everyday I am out there … motorists who don’t look, don’t pay attention, are talking on cell phones, etc. I always look at them very carefully and make sure they are making eye contact with me before I go in front on them. Many times I have had to brake hard to keep from getting ran over by drivers who just don’t pay attention. You can tell watching them that it never entered their mind that a pedestrian walking/running or a cyclist may be coming along. I have seen others nearly get hit by such people. Disabled people in motorized wheel chairs or using walkers are among those who deal with these careless drivers. I don’t know what it is going to take for drivers to be more alert and responsible. I often yell at them to “pay attention to your driving before you kill somebody”. If I carried a cane with me I would probably bang it on the hood or door of their car! 🙂 Anyway, I am glad you are ok. How is your quad? Did it receive any damage?

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