Back in Autumn I wrote an article on leaf removal featuring a homemade outfit which is pulled behind a trike to remove leaves off of the trail as the trike is ridden along. It is just nice to have a clean trail to ride on.

leaf removal 1

Leaves are one thing to contend with, but show is quite another. At least with the leaves they don’t normally inhibit forward movement. Snow, on the other hand, can be a real problem. It might be pretty to look at, but it is a royal pain to contend with. So I got to thinking … why not make a device to remove snow off of the trails while riding along? Yeah, some sort of a plow could be either pushed or pulled using a trike. So I went to work coming up with such a device. The biggest concern was traction … would I have enough traction to move snow with a plow? Also, what kind of a plow … a straight blade which could be angled or a V-plow? I quickly decided on a V-plow as I was going to be opening up an initial path thru the snow. I went to work and came up with one. I was concerned that it wasn’t going to work at all, but much to my surprise I discovered that it worked superbly … the snow just goes flying off to the sides. Here is proof …

V-plow on my Catrike

Yeppur, now I can get that ol’ snow off of the trails and enjoy riding on pavement. Now I ask you … do you believe all this I have been telling you? You shouldn’t ’cause it is just more photo editing fun I have been up to. Here is the original picture …

V snow plow on train

But hey, a V-plow is possible as long as it is made right … including keeping the size down small … especially if power and traction are limited. It has been done before … both straight blade and V-plows.

snow plow on bike

As you can see this man’s straight blade plow works pretty good.

v plow towed by bicycle

v plow towed by bicycle 2

Look HERE. Both straight blade plows as well as V-plows have been made. But so far all I have seen is for bicycles and none have been made for trikes. I don’t see any reason why a V-plow couldn’t be pulled behind a trike so long as the snow isn’t very deep. Of course, the wider the plow the more power and traction it would require to pull it along and the depth of the snow would be  more of a problem.

v snow plow for bicycle

A straight blade on an angle is a possibility …

But I am leaning more toward the V plow concept …

Here is a pathway cleared off by a bicycle pulling a V-plow:

plowed path using v plow 2

plowed path using v plow

And here is a bicyclist in Canada plowing snow  …

I am sometimes tempted to try building a V-plow and give it a try. I know I could not pull it thru much snow and only a dry light snow at that. A wet heavy snow would be quite impossible as I can’t even ride my trike by itself thru much of that. A trike just does not have the traction and ability to roll thru snow as well as a bicycle.

Quite frankly most of the plows I have seen in these videos online are not very impressive as far as being practical and doing a good job. Certainly the best of them is this one. The man put a lot of thought and experimentation into his plows and indeed watching it go thru the snow is quite impressive.


I really think a larger heavier more powerful machine is needed to plow with. Trying to do this with a human powered lightweight vehicle is more less a novelty. One thing about a bicycle is that it doesn’t need a very wide pathway to ride on. A trike, on the other hand, requires quite a large width cleared off. That presents a problem as I don’t think there is anyway a trike could pull a wide plow thru the snow. And a V-plow is only good for the initial pass. After that a straight blade on an angle is needed.

But then again I might just try a snow thrower …

snow thrower Steve's Catrike

Chances are I will just stick with photo editing and use my indoor trainer as probably none of this is with the exception of the snow thrower is very practical and not worth the effort and expense of trying it. And I am not about to try the snow thrower as that is a bunch of money. Besides a lot of that snow has a tendency to come right back down on the operator of the snow thrower. 🙂 And that ain’t no fun at all! :)(:

Author: Steve Newbauer

I have a few current blogs (tadpolerider1, navysight, truthtoponder and stevesmixedbag) so I am keeping busy. I hope you the reader will find these blogs interesting and enjoy your time here. Feel free to email me at tadpolerider2 at gmail dot com (@gmail.com)


  1. I have had to shovel the stuff but never with a bike, nor less a trike, and I would not even know where to start.. But I bet you have given many a home handyman, or inventor a new challenge to come up with an idea, or solution to your problem, and I wish them all luck.. I say luck because there is also some applied physics involved in order to build this machine, or device in which you will have to contend with… And physics is not a hit, or misapplied method, you need to understand physics, and how they are applied, in order to conquer them, when devising your idea.. You will have melt, and sticking problems, and although you will not see it with the naked eye but as the snow is being dragged, or pushed there is friction being applied, and will cause a melt at the snows molecular level, another words the snow being made of water and air, will heat up ever so slightly that it will turn back to water, and air, but separated… And there is where I do not want to get further involved in it.. Because there is so much to think about, as I am sure you will find out if you intend to build such a machine.. I also understand from I believe a discovery show program, that there is a special type paint applied to your snow shovel if it is painted, as well as with snow machines, or plows, that is made with a silicone additive added to the paint… And if you have one of the other aluminum made shovels that has been anodized to hold a special clear type of application in which is also made with an added silicone additive…! This additive of silicone has been added so that the snow that is being heated ever so slightly through friction will not freeze, or help prevent it from freezing to quickly to the blade, and making it impossible for the snow to slide off it’s blade, or blades quickly enough before freezing so as not to accumulate on the end of your shovel, or snow machine, or plow blades… After this my friends I am sorry as I did not either pay more attention, or I changed the channel as I do not like the snow, and don’t care how you move it…! But if someone is looking to build the better snow machine, or shovel, or plow blade I advise you to start with looking at what snow is as I think I mentioned ever so briefly here, and how it is made while falling to the earth…! Good luck to you my inventive friends, I wish you the best as you set off in that winter wonderland of snow, and ice…!

    Attention :
    ( I do not swear to everything that you have just read, as I had said, I am totally at a loss to the subject of the fluffy white stuff.. So please do not quote me, as I am not an authority on the subject, and I am only repeating what I have heard, or believe I have heard.. )

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