Marvelo 8

Most of us who are familiar with velomobiles know of the popularity of them in various European countries and the fact that most of them are manufactured in certain European countries, particularly the Netherlands and Germany. HERE is a listing of velomobile manufacturers in the world. Several velomobiles have been made by various people/companies, but many of them have not made it into production.

A new velomobile called Marvelo has appeared on the scene and it is a product of Canada.

Marvelo 1

Here is what they say about their product:

“Inspired by the classic Dutch and German velomobile thoroughbreds,
the SKR was designed to strike a good balance between all out speed as well as rider comfort and convenience.

The cockpit is large enough to accommodate most pilots comfortably.

The Vacuum Infusion Process (VIP) was chosen to manufacture the structural shell (Monocoque) because this method allows a complete structure to be produced with out the need for secondary bonding or glued joints. This has a great advantage when it comes to manufacturing consistency, quality control and structural integrity over the long haul.”

Marvelo 2Base price for the carbon SKR is $9,300 CAD (That’s about 6606 US dollars) and as you can see in the pictures the only thing it seems to have is mirrors … no lighting, no enclosure for the rider’s head, etc. If you want any of those items it cost extra. To its credit it does offer full suspension.

Marvelo 3


Overall Length 109.5″ (2781 mm)
Maximum Body Width 25.75″ (654 mm)
Ground Clearance 3.75-4.75″ (95-121 mm) *Adjustable*
Overall Height 35-36″ (889-914 mm)
Wheelbase 51″ (1295 mm)
Track Width 26″ (660 mm)
Weight 58.4 Lbs. (26.5 Kg)

Marvelo 11


Body Shell – Vacuum Infused Carbon Fibre Structural Monocoque
*available with optional aramid (Kevlar) lined cockpit *
Front and Rear Quick Release Access Hatches
Clear Polycarbonate Open Cockpit Wind Shield
Front Suspension – Struts
Rear Suspension – Single Pivot Swing-arm with adjustable Air/Oil Damper
Front Brakes – Sturmey Archer 90mm Drums
Front Wheels/Tires – 20″x1.75″ Schwalbe Shredda (40-406)
Rear Wheel/Tire – 26″ (559)/Choice of Various Schwalbe up to 2.4″ wide
Front Wheel Covers – Carbon
Steering – Central Tiller
Seat – Carbon Hard Shell
Drivetrain – (Front) Triple Ring Crank 152mm (24/36/50)
– (Rear) 3×9 Sturmey Archer CS-RF3 (3 speed hub) with 11-32 Cassette
Gear Inch Range – 14.9-160
Shifters – Thumb type and 3 speed twist grip
Cables – Jagwire
Idlers – Dual TerraCycle Elite Power 23 Tooth
Mirrors – Dual (Left & Right)

Marvelo 4

The gear inch range (14.9-160) is impressive thanks to the 3 speed Sturmey Archer rear hub.

Marvelo 9

I can’t see anyplace in the pictures where they have any places already intended to accept lighting and they don’t offer any pictures(other than the one below) showing lighting installed. I am wondering if installing it requires drilling holes thru the body.

Marvelo 10

Marvelo 5


*Aramid (Kevlar) Lined Cockpit
*Electrical System & Full Lighting Package
*Cockpit Canopy/Hood in carbon with wrap around wind shield
*Shorty Cockpit Hatch for more open air riding
*Electric Assist (Through the Crank Type)

Marvelo 6

They offer a kit for those who want to make their existing trike into a velomobile. The cost is $7400 CAN ($5256 US).

It ought to be interesting to see if velomobiles “catch on” here in the United States like they have in Europe. So far I have never seen one anywhere around where I live other than those which came thru town back in the 2011 ROAM velomobile ride from Oregon to Washington, D.C. Plain ol’ tadpole trikes haven’t even caught on here yet although I am starting to see a few more of them. Whether you are completely covered as you ride or ride “naked” hopefully we will all safely enjoy the ride and …


Author: Steve Newbauer

I have a few current blogs (tadpolerider1, navysight, truthtoponder and stevesmixedbag) so I am keeping busy. I hope you the reader will find these blogs interesting and enjoy your time here. Feel free to email me at tadpolerider2 at gmail dot com (


  1. Great Posting Steve, and you are absolutely right..! Not many people, know what a velomobile is as there are not that many who know what a recumbent is either, and now the newest fannamina to come along on the scene the fat tire bike, as I was just posting in answer to Trike Hobo Steve’s new posting on fat tires…! We are a very obscure group who just arrived on the scene as many would see us as the guy who rides that weird looking bike or the kid who asks did you make that yourself…? Well it’s up to us as Stewards who have been intrusted with these new types of biking..! We need to educate the public about recumbents as we do velomobiles..! It was not long ago that I had gotten in touch with a velo designer who is from germany who has his velo’s frames made in the baltic regions and his canopy and shell in Germany, and has almost gone out of business due to the lack of knowledge of the velo concept in general here in the US.. But as I was saying he had manufactured a velo that was reproduction of the 1955 Messerschmitt KR200, and has even gone so far as to make a 2 seater as a matter of fact, and a regular KR 200 with a very large trunk area, and even made them with a standard assist motor which is already factored in its pricing… I asked if he were no longer building or offering the KR200 any longer ,and he had said because of it’s obscure knowledge of these type vehicles within the US he was no longer able to secure the building of it frame within the baltics and needed to rethink the plan as well as find a production plant in Germany now where he will be building the frames himself, or I should say all of the KR 200 in Germany, and now not outsource to other countries until he finds a secure market source in which he can do point of sales…! So you see, you are very right when you say that not many people do not know much about Velo’s, it’s because of people’s ignorance of such vehicles, and their beliefs of bikes like these are only made for Universities, and Colleges doing studies of these vehicles and not the ability to by one for themselves…! I hope this new form of transportation starts to take of soon in order to lower the costs in which debilitate most of us from being able to buy one for ourselves as well….! Who knows only time may tell, if this is to be the transportation of the future, or near future…

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