Expedition for Spinal Injuries trike route

tadpole rider who goes by the name of “Mojave Johnson” is planning on going to do a solo, uninterrupted, unassisted circumnavigation of the lower 48 States on a Catrike Expedition recumbent trike. He is doing this in an effort to raise money for research for spinal cord injuries.

%0AMojave Johnson

Here is his statement: “A good friend of mine was left paralyzed after an accident in 2009. He’s taught me a lot over the years, and he’s been a great friend. This ride around the country will be dedicated to him. The plan is to collect $60,00 or more to be donated to research and/or rehabilitation for people with spinal injuries. We haven’t decided which organization yet, but I’ll keep you posted. My plan is to do a circumnavigation of the lower 48 States in an uninterrupted, unassisted solo trip. I’ll be riding through 33 or 34 states (my route isn’t set in stone) over a period of about 190 days (5 months). I’ll be starting from Southernmost Point in Key West, FL, and riding clockwise around the country back to Key West. I’ll be leaving at the end of March, and I hope to be back in Key West by the end of September.”

If you would like to donate to this cause you can do so by going to his GoFundMe page.

%0AMojave Johnson 2

And HERE is his Facebook page.

March is half over so that means the start of his journey is not far off. I certainly wish him well and safety while on his adventure. That is quite an undertaking.

Here’s his TENTATIVE list of stops. This list could very well change before or during the Expedition, but he says he has to start with a plan, so here it is… (The elevation shown is for each day’s destination.)

Day 1: Key West, FL (elev 18’) to Key Largo, FL (~105 miles; elev 7’)

Day 2: Key Largo, FL to Cooper City, FL (~80 miles; elev 9’)

Day 3: Cooper City, FL to Naples, FL (~100 miles; elev 3’)

Day 4: Naples, FL – REST DAY

Day 5: Naples, FL to Bradenton, FL (~100 miles; elev 6’)

Day 6: Bradenton, FL to Inglis, FL (~130 miles; elev 16’)

Day 7: Inglis, FL to Perry, FL (~103 miles; elev 46’)

Day 8: Perry, FL to Tallahassee, FL (~52 miles; elev 203’)

Day 9: Tallahassee, FL – REST DAY

Day 10: Tallahassee, FL to Panama City Beach, FL (~110 miles; elev 10’)

Day 11: Panama City Beach, FL to Pensacola, FL (~100 miles; elev 102’)

Day 12: Pensacola, FL to Pascagoula, MS (~100 miles; elev 10’)

Day 13: Pascagoula, MS to New Orleans, LA (~ miles; elev -7’)

Day 14: New Orleans, LA – REST DAY

Day 15: New Orleans, LA to Houma, LA (~63 miles; elev 10’)

Day 16: Houma, LA to Lafayette, LA (~100 miles; elev 36’)

Day 17: Lafayette, LA to Orange, LA (~ miles; elev 7’)

Day 18: Orange, LA – REST DAY

Day 19: Orange, LA to Humble, TX (~100 miles; elev 90’)

Day 20: Humble, TX to Sugar Land, TX (~60 miles; elev 100’)

Day 21: Sugar Land, TX to Halletsville, TX (~85 miles; elev 233’)

Day 22: Halletsville, TX to San Antonio, TX (~95 miles; elev 813’)

Day 23: San Antonio, TX – REST DAY

Day 24: San Antonio, TX to Castroville, TX (~70 miles; elev 758’)

Day 25: Castroville, TX to Uvalde, TX (~55 miles; elev 942’)

Day 26: Uvalde, TX to Del Rio, TX (~70 miles; elev 1002’)

Day 27: Del Rio, TX – REST DAY

Day 28: Del Rio, TX to Ozona, TX (~96 miles; elev 2349’)

Day 29: Ozona, TX to Ft. Stockton, TX (~107 miles; elev 2997’)

Day 30: Ft. Stockton, TX to Van Horn, TX (~120 miles; elev 4042’)

Day 31: Van Horn, TX – REST DAY

Day 32: Van Horn, TX to Ft. Hancock, TX (~70 miles; elev 3579’)

Day 33: Ft. Hancock, TX to El Paso, TX (~60 miles; elev 3800’)

Day 34: El Paso, TX to Las Cruces, NM (~45 miles; elev 3908’)

Day 35: Las Cruces, NM – REST DAY

Day 36: Las Cruces, NM to Hillsboro, NM (~78 miles; elev 5180’)

Day 37: Hillsboro, NM to Silver City, NM (~57 miles; elev 6142’)

Day 38: Silver City, NM to Safford, AZ (~115 miles; elev 2953’)

Day 39: Safford, AZ – REST DAY

Day 40: Safford, AZ to Globe, AZ (~80 miles; elev 3500’)

Day 41: Globe, AZ to Phoenix, AZ (~90 miles; elev 1117’)

Day 42: Phoenix, AZ to Wickenburg, AZ (~60 miles; elev 2057’)

Day 43: Wickenburg, AZ – REST DAY

Day 44: Wickenburg, AZ to Blythe, CA (~114 miles; elev 295’)

Day 45: Blythe, CA to El Centro, CA (~103 miles; elev 39’)

Day 46: El Centro, CA to Julian, CA (~62 miles; elev 2100’)

Day 47: Julian, CA – REST DAY

Day 48: Julian, CA to Poway, CA (~60 miles; elev 515’)

Day 49: Poway, CA to Newport Beach, CA (~80 miles; elev 25’)

Day 50: Newport Beach, CA to Los Angeles, CA (~75 miles; elev 1084’)

Day 51: Los Angeles, CA – REST DAY

Day 52: Los Angeles, CA to Palmdale, CA (~82 miles; elev 2657’)

Day 53: Palmdale, CA to Lake Isabella, CA (~103 miles; elev 2513’)

Day 54: Lake Isabella, CA to Camp Nelson, CA (~53 miles; elev 7000’)

Day 55: Camp Nelson, CA – REST DAY

Day 56: Camp Nelson, CA to Sequoia Nat’l Park, CA (~79 miles; elev 2100’)

Day 57: Sequoia Nat’l Park to Fresno, CA (~107 miles; elev 325’)

Day 58: Fresno, CA to Turlock, CA (~107 miles; elev 101’)

Day 59: Turlock, CA – REST DAY

Day 60: Turlock, CA to Sacramento, CA (~99 miles; elev 118’)

Day 61: Sacramento, CA to Chico, CA (~104 miles; elev 203’)

Day 62: Chico, CA to Burney, CA (~140 miles; elev 3195’)

Day 63: Burney, CA – REST DAY

Day 64: Burney, CA to Yreka, CA (~100 miles; elev 2595’)

Day 65: Yreka, CA to Shady Cove, OR (~80 miles; elev 1406’)

Day 66: Shady Cove,OR to Crater Lake Nat’l Park, OR (~52 miles; elev 6178’)

Day 67: Crater Lake Nat’l Park, OR to Bend, OR (~113 miles; elev 3623’)

Day 68: Bend, OR – REST DAY

Day 69: Bend, OR to Mt. Hood, OR (~110 miles; elev 3821’)

Day 70: Mt. Hood, OR to Portland, OR (~48 miles; elev 263’)

Day 71: Portland, OR – REST DAY

Day 72: Portland, OR – REST DAY

Day 73: Portland, OR to Chehalis, WA (~100 miles; elev 243’)

Day 74: Chehalis, WA to Des Moines, WA (~86 miles; elev 91’)

Day 75: Des Moines, WA (Seattle) – REST DAY

Day 76: Des Moines, WA to Cle Elum, WA (~89 miles; 2107’)

Day 77: Cle Elum, WA to Wenatchee, WA (~68 miles; 668’)

Day 78: Wenatchee, WA to Wilbur, WA (~97 miles; elev 2161’)

Day 79: Wilbur, WA to Spokane, WA (~74 miles; 1946’)

Day 80: Spokane, WA – REST DAY

Day 81: Spokane, WA to Sandpoint, ID (~73 miles; 2102’)

Day 82: Sandpoint, ID to Libby, MT (~96 miles; elev 2097’)

Day 83: Libby, MT to Whitefish, MT (~105 miles; elev 3029’)

Day 84: Whitefish, MT – REST DAY

Day 85: Whitefish, MT to Browning, MT (~96 miles; elev 4377’)

Day 86: Browning, MT to Great Falls, MT (~124 miles; elev 3323’)

Day 87: Great Falls, MT – REST DAY

Day 88: Great Falls, MT to White Sulphur Springs, MT (~100 miles; elev 5012’)

Day 89: White Sulphur Springs, MT to Big Timber, MT (~92 miles; 4094’)

Day 90: Big Timber, MT to Billings, MT (~90 miles; elev 3125’)

Day 91: Billings, MT to Ranchester, WY (~120 miles; elev 3767’)

Day 92: Ranchester, WY – REST DAY

Day 93: Ranchester, WY to Buffalo, WY (~53 miles; elev 4587’)

Day 94: Buffalo, WY to Gillette, WY (~80 miles; elev 4555’)

Day 95: Gillette, WY to Spearfish, SD (~100 miles; elev 3647’)

Day 96: Spearfish, SD – REST DAY

Day 97: Spearfish, SD to Keystone, SD (via Mt Rushmore) (~72 miles; elev 4331’)

Day 98: Keystone, SD to Wall, SD (~75 miles; elev 2824’)

Day 99: Wall, SD to Murdo, SD (~83 miles; elev 2293’)

Day 100: Murdo, SD to Highmore, SD (~100 miles; elev 1886’)

Day 101: Highmore, SD – REST DAY

Day 102: Highmore, SD to De Smet, SD (~103 miles; elev 1727’)

Day 103: De Smet, SD to Garvin, MN (~99 miles; elev 1391’)

Day 104: Garvin, MN to Mankato, MN (~98 miles; elev 829’)

Day 105: Mankato, MN – REST DAY

Day 106: Mankato, MN to Rochester, MN (~89 miles; elev 997’)

Day 107: Rochester, MN to La Crosse, WI (~73 miles; elev 668’)

Day 108: La Crosse, WI to Richland Center, WI (~66 miles; elev 732’)

Day 109: Richland Center, WI – REST DAY

Day 110: Richland Center, WI to Cambridge, WI (~88 miles; elev 851’)

Day 111: Cambridge, WI to Waukesha, WI (~49 miles; elev 820’)

Day 112: Waukesha, WI to Milwaukee, WI (~18 miles; elev 614’)

Day 113: Milwaukee, WI – REST DAY

Day 114: Milwaukee, WI to Chicago, IL (~90 miles; elev 595’)

Day 115: Chicago, IL – REST DAY

Day 116: Chicago, IL to South Bend, IN (~105 miles; elev 709’)

Day 117: South Bend, IN to Montpelier, OH (~95 miles; elev 854’)

Day 118: Montpelier, OH to Freemont, OH (~89 miles; elev 628’)

Day 119: Freemont, OH to Cleveland, OH (~83 miles; elev 656’)

Day 120: Cleveland, OH – REST DAY

Day 121: Cleveland, OH to Erie, PA (~110 miles; elev 652’)

Day 122: Erie, PA to Derby, NY (~75 miles; elev 670’)

Day 123: Derby, NY – REST DAY

Day 124: Derby, NY to Henrietta, NY (~89 miles; elev 562’)

Day 125: Henrietta, NY to Fair Haven, NY (~73 miles; elev 279’)

Day 126: Fair Haven, NY to Redfield, NY (~62 miles; elev 999’)

Day 127: Redfield, NY – REST DAY

Day 128: Redfield, NY to Old Forge, NY (~61 miles; elev 1727’)

Day 129: Old Forge, NY to Newcomb, NY (~64 miles; elev 1585’)

Day 130: Newcomb, NY to Fair Haven, VT (~78 miles; elev 383’)

Day 131: Fair Haven, VT to Plymouth, VT (~40 miles; elev 1415’)

Day 132: Plymouth, VT – REST DAY

Day 133: Plymouth, VT – REST DAY

Day 134: Plymouth, VT to Andover, NH (~69 miles; elev 646’)

Day 135: Andover, NH to Conway, NH (~71 miles; elev 466’)

Day 136: Conway, NH to Brunswick, ME (~83 miles; elev 64’)

Day 137: Brunswick, ME – REST DAY

Day 138: Brunswick, ME to Kennebunk, ME (~71 miles; elev 65’)

Day 139: Kennebunk, ME to Derry, NH (~72 miles; elev 280’)

Day 140: Derry, NH to Worcester, MA (~59 miles; elev 482’)

Day 141: Worcester, MA – REST DAY

Day 142: Worcester, MA to Windsor Locks, CT (~81 miles; elev 151’)

Day 143: Windsor Locks, CT to Highland, NY (~98 miles; elev 173’)

Day 144: Highland, NY to East Stroudsburg, PA (~87 miles; elev 477’)

Day 145: Highland, NY – REST DAY

Day 146: East Stroudsburg, PA to Philadelphia, PA (~106 miles; elev 40’)

Day 147: Philadelphia, PA – REST DAY

Day 148: Philadelphia, PA to Airville, PA (~105 miles; elev 254’)

Day 149: Airville, PA to Washington, D.C (~110 miles; elev 72’)

Day 150: Washington, D.C. – REST DAY

Day 151: Washington, D.C. – REST DAY

Day 152: Washington, D.C. to Fredericksburg, VA (~93 miles; elev 153’)

Day 153: Fredericksburg, VA to Surry, VA (~120 miles; elev 51’)

Day 154: Surry, VA to Elizabeth City, NC (~91 miles; elev 9’)

Day 155: Elizabeth City, NC – REST DAY

Day 156: Elizabeth City, NC to Hatteras, Island, NC (~109 miles; elev 2’)

Day 157: Hatteras, NC to Newport, NC (~118 miles; elev 19’)

Day 158: Newport, NC to Wilmington, NC (~78 miles; elev 39’)

Day 159: Wilmington, NC – REST DAY

Day 160: Wilmington, NC – REST DAY – planned optional extra day

Day 161: Wilmington, NC to Myrtle Beach, NC (~95 miles; elev 19’)

Day 162: Myrtle Beach, NC to Moncks Corner, SC (~84 miles; elev 53’)

Day 163: Moncks Corner, SC to Hardeeville, SC (~107 miles; elev 20’)

Day 164: Hardeeville, SC – REST DAY

Day 165: Hardeeville, SC to Brunswick, GA (~90 miles; elev 10’)

Day 166: Brunswick, GA to Jacksonville Beach, FL (~94 miles; elev 11’)

Day 167: Jacksonville Beach, FL to New Smyrna Beach, FL (~98 miles; elev 10’)

Day 168: New Smyrna Beach, FL – REST DAY

Day 169: New Smyrna Beach, FL to Sebastian, FL (~107 miles; elev 9’)

Day 170: Sebastian, FL to Lake Worth, FL (~114 miles; elev 35’)

Day 171: Lake Worth, FL to Kendall, FL (~96 miles; elev 8’)

Day 172: Kendall, FL – REST DAY

Day 173: Kendall, FL – REST DAY

Day 174: Kendall, FL to Islamorada, FL (~72 miles; elev 9’)

Day 175: Islamorada, FL to Key West, FL (~83 miles; elev 5’)

Day 176: Key West, FL – CELEBRATION DAY!!!!!!!

Author: Steve Newbauer

I have a few current blogs (tadpolerider1, navysight, truthtoponder and stevesmixedbag) so I am keeping busy. I hope you the reader will find these blogs interesting and enjoy your time here. Feel free to email me at tadpolerider2 at gmail dot com (@gmail.com)


  1. As his cause is one I can truly identify with, as one who has been under the knife 18 times in all, and countless outpatient procedures, a year, and a half of paralysis, and now a trip once a month for the rest of my life to a doctor’s office to fill a subdural spinal infusion pump in my left lower abdomen, I can truly identify with his goal… My life has been a living hell after a industrial accident one day, in which a unskilled employee from a subcontracted company attempted to perform a procedure in which he was totally unfamiliar with, leaving a good friend dead, and myself severely debilitated.. I think after years of trying to understand the physical mechanics of the spine, and it’s many interactions with body, and especially the brain, I can say that doctors today are only breaching the mysteries of the human brain and its many interactions with the spine and it’s so many nerves that it interacts with it.. There is a lot of good information out there pertaining to those interactions of the spine, and central nervous system today , But are only pailly small in number to which the need for more studies to be conducted are necessary, to understand the many who are suffering from spinal injury, and diseases of the spine and central nervous system, which leave them with physical debilitations for a majority of their lives…!
    I wish him well in his endeavor, with hopes that his efforts go noticed by many to help those who live a life of so much pain, and suffering, to someday find a cure.. Or a better understanding of the so many complexities in which those who are afflicted are suffering from spinal debilitating injury, and disease…!
    Ride on my brother, and spread the word…!

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