water from faucet

H2O … water … the substance of life … we can’t live without it. And sadly most of us don’t drink nearly enough of it. It is so healthy and makes a huge difference in how our bodies work … or don’t work. There is no substitute for good ol’ water. There is no other liquid we could name that is better for us than water. And keeping sufficiently hydrated while exercising is so very important. Oftentimes there is no source of water for miles and miles as we ride our trikes so we must carry a sufficient supply along with us. Of course, there are all sorts of water bottles and bags such as CamelBack to carry water in.

thermos ss water bottle

I am not here to discuss that other than to say I have tried various water bottles and concluded that they all get low marks from me included the insulated ones. They are a joke as far as keeping water cool. It is said that drinking room temperature water is best for us, but I am one of those who likes it just as cold as I can get it. So personally I use Thermos brand stainless steel water bottles as they do a far superior job keeping the water cold. The plastic insulated water bottles do good to keep ice 2 to 3 hours while these Thermos brand water bottles keep ice for 2 to 3 days. That is all I am saying on this subject.

Drinking water from any type of water bottle results in introducing bacteria into the vessel. Therefore it is important to clean the bottles frequently. And if you don’t stick to pure unadulterated water and place something else in them the bacteria situation can be even worse. I ran across a webpage about this so I am sharing it here.  It is called “7 Tips For Cleaning Your Cycling Water Bottles“.

Author: Steve Newbauer

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