What is a tadpole trike? The answer might surprise you somewhat … especially if you have never given much thought to it. By definition any vehicle that consists of two wheels in the front and one wheel in the back qualifies as a tadpole trike. Actually the most proper wording is “reverse trike”, but we seldom hear that used. We usually think of “recumbent tadpole trikes” and if we want to be understood that is the term we should use. Otherwise … well, these next three images show tadpole trikes …

tadpole trike non recumbent 2

not a recumbent

Campagna_T-Rex motorized tadpole

above & below … not human powered but classified as a motorcycle

tadpole trike homemade motorcycle

VeloMetro green

considered recumbent but is a velocar with motor assist

It is not likely that we are meaning any of these, but rather this is what we have in mind …

pink Catrike Trail

Well, maybe not in pink, but hey, I like it. My point is to be sure we are understood it is best to call these critters by their proper name … recumbent tadpole trikes and not ‘recumbent trikes’ as that would also include Delta trikes with one wheel in the front and two wheels in the back.

And please … DON’T REFER TO TRIKES AS BIKES. Bikes have 2 wheels. Trikes have 3 wheels. I am so bothered by that as I never know for sure what someone is talking about when they say bike but are referring to a trike. I have to ask myself … are they really that stupid? Calling a trike a bike is like calling a truck a car. It is stupid to do so. If you are talking about a truck and call it a car how is someone suppose to know what you are talking about? It is the same thing with bike and trike. They are not interchangeable. And a tadpole trike is not a trike bike as some people also call them. Excuse me while I go out to my truck car.

Hase Kettweisel delta trike

The picture above is a recumbent trike, but definitely not a recumbent tadpole trike. Let’s be accurate with our words and then maybe others will think we have some degree of intelligence.

That’s all folks. Let’s all … KEEP ON TRIKIN’

Author: Steve Newbauer

I have a few current blogs (tadpolerider1, navysight, truthtoponder and stevesmixedbag) so I am keeping busy. I hope you the reader will find these blogs interesting and enjoy your time here. Feel free to email me at tadpolerider2 at gmail dot com (@gmail.com)

2 thoughts on “WHAT IS A TADPOLE TRIKE?”

  1. And yet Hase, one of the most respected manufacturers of Bikes & Trikes refers to themselves as Hase Bikes. Call it whatever you want, it’s still cycling.

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