SPEZI 2016 entrance

Welcome to SPEZI 2016

Most of us were/are not able to go there personally. Fortunately there are some folks who did go and they went for one purpose … to provide a report consisting of interviews on video. And now they’re back … and the Laidback Bike Report from Spezi 2016 in Germersheim, Germany is completed and uploaded to YouTube.

laidback bike report banner

Gary Solomon writes … “Known in Germany as the Spezialradmesse this is the world’s largest trade show of recumbents of all sorts. There were about 20 exhibitors who showed 2 wheeler recumbents and about 40 exhibitors with trikes most of them recumbent. ” I am not trying to steal their thunder. I only want to be a channel … a means … for others to discover their great video and view it. They truly did a great job … very professional.The interviews are very interesting and very informative. You can find out “what’s new” from various manufacturers.

Here is their team that went there and produced their awesome interviews.

SPEZI 2016 crew

Gary Solomon, Lars Komm and Larry Varney

Here is the contents found on their video. With this if there is anything in particular you are interested in you can skip ahead to it. If there is something you aren’t interested in you can skip it altogether.

Table of Contents for SPEZI 2016 Special Report
00:02:09 Hardy Siebecke-Organizer of Spezialradmesse (Spezi) http://www.specialbikesshow.com/
00:05:21 Anthrotech http://www.anthrotech.de/
00:09:02 Velomo http://www.velomo.eu/
00:11:55 HP Velotechnik http://www.hpvelotechnik.com/
00:17:18 ICE http://www.icetrikes.co/
00:20:50 Räderwerk http://www.raederwerk.com/
00:24:44 Hase http://www.hasebikes.com/
00:27:44 AZUB http://www.azub.eu/
00:30:55 Wolf & Wolf http://www.wolfundwolf.ch/
00:34:49 ZOXBIKES http://www.zoxbikes.com/
00:37:31 RARTRIKE http://rartrike.blog4ever.com/
00:40:08 Test Track scenes
00:44:18 Katanga http://www.katanga.eu/
00:49:01 Trident Trikes http://www.tridenttrikes.com/
00:51:20 Advanced Velo Design (Windcheetah) http://www.advancedvelodesign.com/
00:56:08 Nazca Ligfietsen http://www.nazca-ligfietsen.nl/
01:00:07 Pima Velobike http://www.cabbike.pl/
01:02:26 Flevobike http://www.flevobike.nl/
01:08:22 Cycles JV-Fenioux http://www.cyclesjvfenioux.com/
01:09:41 Bike Revolution http://www.bike-revolution.at/
01:13:40 Velomobiel.nl http://www.velomobiel.nl/
01:16:35 Gary Rides a QuattroVelo
01:17:53 Larry Rides a Windcheetah
01:18:08 Credits
01:18:27 Out Takes

Crowdfunding-Liegerad: Mr. Solomon. Fotobeschaffung: Lucas Keller
Some people have all the fun! 🙂 Only kidding … I have fun riding my trike most days I am able to get out there.

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