If you live in the United States you may want to know the ranking of your home state as to “bicycle friendliness”. HERE is a webpage where you can find the information. See whether or not you agree with what you find.

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Author: Steve Newbauer

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  1. Well I don’t agree with having been ranked 24th for Florida, Because as everyone knows, here in Florida if you really got to get somewhere you can always Trek there by cycling… A good majority of residents of Florida trek by cycling a majority of the time anyway, so I don’t know why we would be ranked 24th, even our new state ordinances requiring most all state roads with the exception of US 95, and the Florida Turnpike, to have bike lanes of no less than 48″ in. in width, And I know most municipal roads to have bike lanes in order to be eligible to receive state assistance for repairs so the cities will be adding more bike lanes to roads which don’t already have them.. Florida was always a senior trike capital as well, almost every senior over the age of 60 rides either a schwinn Meridian, or a Sun trike throughout their neighborhoods, you could almost always count on seeing one or two tiding around… So being ranked 24th is Hogwash….!

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