Chinese motorized trikes

It is said that “you get what you pay for”. That is usually true. I hope it isn’t the case when it comes to cheap trikes that come from China. They certainly offer some low prices. Of course, shipping isn’t cheap ($500 – $700) so the price increases considerably over the list price of the trike alone.  The fairly well known website,, has gobs of tadpole trikes listed for sale. Among them are electric pedal assist trikes. They come with either 250 watt or 500 watt Bafang brushless rear hub motors.

As you can see in the pictures the batteries are positioned up high under the rear rack. They are handy to get at there, but it also means that adding that weight at that height affects the center of gravity and handling suffers. The higher the center of gravity the easier a trike can tip over.

As to quality they do skimp on components using brands which are not among the more common names we usually see on trikes. So be aware that should the cheaper components fail sooner than later you might be laying out some money to buy better quality components. If that happens, then I would say that there was no real savings realized in buying these lower cost trikes. And the components may not perform to one’s liking in comparison to brand name components.

red 250 watt

Their 250 watt model with no suspension (shown above) sells for $1,818.76 including shipping to the U.S.

rear suspension 250 watt

Their 250 watt rear suspension model (shown above) sells for $1,818.76. That is the same price as the no suspension model. “Go figure” as they say.

silver rear suspension 500 watt

Their 500 watt rear suspension model (shown above) sells for $2,265.76 which includes shipping to the U.S.

Delivery time to the U.S. is said to be 11 to 19 days.

Their trikes come with:  high carbon steel frame, choice of 26 or 20 rear wheel, fenders, neck rest, rear rack, mirrors and a flag pole. They also come with a rear V-brake for parking which can be replaced with a disc brake if preferred. The mesh seat can be exchanged for a fiberglass seat.

They say they can custom make a trike if a customer is too heavy for their stock trike (which has a weight capacity of about 264 pounds). The same is true for customers who are too short or too tall for their standard trikes.

Chinese motorized trike components

I would not care for the electronic digital display to be mounted vertically. That is quite impractical trying to view it. I am assuming that the battery pack has an integrated taillight of some sort although I have not read anything about it.

As to top speed and battery power endurance these trikes don’t measure up to some of the more expensive motorized trikes out there we normally read/hear about. They won’t go as fast nor as far using battery and motor power. They do have 5 levels of power including a button to push which will give full motor propulsion which does not require pedaling.

Being made of high carbon steel rather than chrome-moly steel or aluminum they will be heavier. One plus is that should there be frame breakage high carbon steel can be readily repair welded successfully by a qualified skilled weldor. Although high carbon steel offers more flexibility than aluminum is doesn’t flex as much as chrome-moly steel does.

They also sell kits to motorize trikes which, of course, is a much cheaper way to go if you already have a trike. Installing it would require considerable mechanical ability.

BTW, they also offer lots of tadpole trikes which are not motorized which are, of course, cheaper yet. And they offer at least one FAT tire trike which I will be writing about quite soon.

In closing I am going to throw this out for what it is worth. In my nearly 70 years of life on this earth and most all of those years involved in various sorts of mechanical things including a career as a weldor and metal fabricator since age 12 I have a lot of experience with metal objects. I have a lifetime of repairing them when they break. I would be very concerned about the quality of these trikes and probably would not spend my money on one myself. My gut feeling is that I would regret it and wish I would have just spent a bit more. Then I would know I bought quality and would have the assurance of a company and dealers who stand behind the products. Buying something from China pretty much leaves the buyer on their own should problems arise. Even if there is some support dealing with a company on the other side of the world doesn’t appeal to me.


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Author: Steve Newbauer

I have a few current blogs (tadpolerider1, navysight, truthtoponder and stevesmixedbag) so I am keeping busy. I hope you the reader will find these blogs interesting and enjoy your time here. Feel free to email me at tadpolerider2 at gmail dot com (


  1. i have been testing one of these zzmerch fat wheel trikes. it seems ok so far. ive tried it on road and off road, down bike tracks and over a BMX track. so far it seems ok. im still testing it so im still out on it. definatly better quality out there. it does take standard bike parts so they can be upgraded. the front fat tire rims can be replaced with road rims if you want. can take standard bike accessories and can fit some small motorbike accessories like front mudguards with a little fiddling. Dont do jumps on it though, it only has a 120kg load. you pull more than 2 gs and you will probably damage it….it comes down to what you want to do and how much you can afford, how often you want to ride ect. the fat tire is a better offroad trail bike than a touring bike.

  2. Steve a couple of other considerations too – Notice the photos say Store 529346 or something like that. What does that mean? Here’s what I think. – These trikes are sold or produced by a company called ZZ Merk. A few years ago they were being sold on the web through various sites like Ebay or Amazon. They had several online re-sellers that were less than reliable. If memory serves me right some people never received the trike they ordered. Whether this was the fault of ZZ Merk or the re-seller I don’t know but whatever the reason the customer(s) lost a lot of money. Since then there has been a website trying to sell these trike models online at inflated prices & now seems to be gone, they are now advertised direct from the factory along with a multitude of other items.

    What typically happens in China is a manufacturer will clone a product in mass quantities & then offer them up for distribution. Nothing wrong with that Business Model except when things go wrong as above. So, when you see a photo advertising a product made in China without even a Business Identity chances are it is a re-seller – a Drop Shipper who makes his/her money by placing orders to the mass distributors.

    The other thing to consider to is what are you getting? Are you getting an original, well engineered trike (or other product) from the manufacturer who went to the trouble & expense to produce a quality product or are you getting a cheap clone copy from someone hoping to make a quick profit? Buying from China sight unseen you don’t really have a way of knowing & the clones are EVERYWHERE FOR ANYTHING! – No Store name, No Brand Name & just a Store Number would be a red flag warning of clones & a re-seller to me.

  3. I would have to say I am agonist buying trikes from china, but not because I bought one and found it to be a poor quality ride, but because of another perches I had made with them with a plumbing part that created over $2,000.00 in damages in my bathroom over night… The part had failed during the night while I was sound asleep, to waking in, in the morning to find I had a new pond in my home… There is no one to sue for damages, and the only compensation I received was the cost of the part and not even the cost of shipping which like you said could be very expensive as well, and was…! Now that being said, you are putting your life on this trike from China, how do you get compensated for damages if you are hurt or worse from something that may go wrong with it….? There is no second chances or anyone who is going to make good on it so what do you do…? I’ll tell you….! nothing…! Your just screwed and that’s all there is to it, suck it up family, I bought a cheep electric trike from China, and now I’m dead, sorry game over….! Need I say more…?
    Armadillo Zack

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