recently came across this video while looking for videos about tire liners as I have an article I have written on tire liners which will be published as the next article after this one. This video mentions tire liners, but it covers a whole lot of things. As for me I am going to continue using the best tire money can buy and not concern myself with flats.

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Author: Steve Newbauer

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  1. You can put me among the group that swears by Tire Liners like Mr. Tuffy or Stop Flats style. Other brands with different thicknesses & materials may not work as well – I haven’t tried each & every brand but since Stop Flats promises a free tube if you flat using them my guess is the majority of their customers also have success otherwise they would be out of Business pretty quick. There is a trick to using them & proper installation is key to getting good results. I have had them on for 6 riding seasons now & just recently decided to NOT install them in my Schwalbe Trykers which come with a 3mm flat protection belt. I wanted to see if the flat protection provided by Schwalbe was enough & using the Stop Flats (Same product as Mr. Tuffy’s) was an unnecessary overkill. Sure enough within 2 months I had a thorn puncture. These were also good quality Schwalbe tubes not the cheap $2.00 kind.
    Since some claim that these liners will actually cause flats, to that I say, “Provide Specific details.” Were they installed correctly? Were your tire pressures correct? How long had they been on your wheels? Had your tubes or liners become brittle with age? etc. I had to laugh when one guy told me he had them on for 5 or 6 years & he got a flat. If I get a flat every 5 years I’m going to consider that a successful $3.50 investment for the liner.

    1. Well, I am one of three from Fort Wayne, IN I personally know of that say that tire liners cause flats internally. We have all had a few of them. In my article I have scheduled for tomorrow about tire liners I address this.

  2. This fellow seems to be addressing the bicycle racing folks, judging by the minimally spoked wheels and those riders racing down a mountain. Schwalbe does make Marathon Plus tires in similar sizes however, and if I were one of these two-wheel racers, I would definitely be running the Schwalbe Marathon Plus tires, which, after six years and thousands of miles on my trikes, never once experienced a flat. They are hands-down the most superior tire available for serious cyclists, whether two wheels or three. The amount of weight they add is only a potential consideration for professional racers on circuits. The average “Joes” who uses the pro racers as incentive in their equipment choices will not be handicapped with the Marathon Plus tire. It is a solid and very fast tire in the racing sizes, and the chance of a flat is as close to virtually non-existent as possible. Now that I am riding a fat tire cycle, I have discovered how much those MP tires meant to me, and I would love to see Schwalbe produce a fat tire MP someday (I have had several flats with Schwalbe Jumbo Jims, which offer essentially no protection against flats by tiny thorns – same company, but day and night difference in their tire’s dependability and durability).

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