Shoka bell

think we are all very aware that we live in a day of very high technology compared to yesteryear. All kinds of products continue to appear on the scene and some of them are for cyclists. One such product is the Shoka bell. It is far more than just a bell for a bike. It is actually pretty amazing. For what it is worth they call it a bell, but I wouldn’t. It has electronic sounds. It does not sound like a traditional bell … well, maybe it does a little … about like an electronic musical keyboard sounds like various musical instruments. But that’s okay. It has some really neat sounds.

Shoka bell 2

Shoka bell 6

Shoka bell 5

As to the light it is only for others to see you … not for you to see where you are going as it is not that bright nor that kind of light.

Shoka bell 4

One of its features is a an alarm that will alert you if your cycle is messed with. It has a range of 250 meters or 820 feet.

It certainly seems to have impressed a lot of people as the kickstarter campaign is going great … way beyond what they were looking for.

It comes in six different colors.

Shoka bell 3

HERE is their Facebook page. HERE is their Twitter page.

So if you are a high tech electronic junkie and independently wealthy you might want to look into this gadget. I am only joking about the money end of things. I have no idea what the cost is, but I am pretty sure it is a lot more than my traditional bicycle bells I have bought in the past. 🙂


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Author: Steve Newbauer

I have a few current blogs (tadpolerider1, navysight, truthtoponder and stevesmixedbag) so I am keeping busy. I hope you the reader will find these blogs interesting and enjoy your time here. Feel free to email me at tadpolerider2 at gmail dot com (


  1. I don’t think a $129.00 plus shipping and handling is worth it unless it was as loud as a freight trains horn….! and all the other stuff I already have and some I can get free as an app on my phone which is already on my handle bar, and mine plays music as well….! So I’ll have to rate this one as a flop-po ….!
    Armadillo Zack
    But as always thanks for bring it to our attention Steve….

    1. No argument out of me. I wouldn’t pay $29 for it with shipping and handling. I am a fairly simple person and not much into the high tech stuff. I prefer my “dumb phone”. I don’t like smartphones. I think they are a pain in the arse to use. They don’t begin to compare to my desktop pc.
      But who knows? Somebody out there may have nothing better to do with their money and want to buy one of these gizmos. I am not promoting it … just informing others about it.

  2. I did see a price of $129 for one of these things. That’s a heck of a price for a bicycle bell. Using one’s voice is much more practical.

  3. It seems reasonably priced to me with an early in of $79. I like that it has several functions other than just as a warning device but I wonder if the volume level is sufficient for people in their cars? May be suitable for everything else though.

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