Having an electric motor pedal assist tadpole trike does have its good points … like playing on the snow covered roads, etc. You could not do most of this shown in these videos without a motor. Just so one avoids smashing into trees, telephone poles, parked cars, etc. 🙂

I am not sure what I am hearing on this next one. That can’t be the actual sound of this trike. It has to be added sound effects. What do you think?

It’s just not the same without an electric motor, but you can still have fun …

And I would think that 4 wheels would even be more fun than 3 … especially when FAT tires are involved.

Even with a motor I would not want to try this. It is definitely winter, but it doesn’t look like fun at all.

So whether you are motorized or a “plain Jane” always do your best to …


and be safe!

You might want to avoid riding at the north or south pole though.

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Author: Steve Newbauer

I have a few current blogs (tadpolerider1, navysight, truthtoponder and stevesmixedbag) so I am keeping busy. I hope you the reader will find these blogs interesting and enjoy your time here. Feel free to email me at tadpolerider2 at gmail dot com (

3 thoughts on “WINTER PLAYTIME or FUN ON 3 WHEELS”

  1. Yeah, I don’t care for that type of handlebar. If for no other reason I don’t care for them because they stick out too far to the sides where one’s hands are vulnerable to getting damaged. I much prefer the vertical handlebars where the hands are well inside of the trike. Besides, vertical handlebars are far more comfortable (natural feeling) than horizontal handlebars.

  2. With the horizontal handlebar grips on the Utah Trikes Fat Tad Crawler, the man’s fingers are mighty close to those monster knobby tires. That seems a little too close for comfort. Imagine if he were riding on a warm day without gloves. Tire knobs could easily lift a fingernail if not real careful. With grips like that, it seems some sort of a hand/finger guard would be a good idea.

  3. As I have said time, and time again I am apposed to the cold weather, and am sure that parts of my anatomy would shrivel up, and or drop off if I were to go play in that weather.. I have to give you, and a lot of your readers a much needed applause for your bravery to be so playful in the snow, and cold weather that you seem to thrive in…. But having said that, and seeing an exact copy of my 4 wheel recumbent in one of the videos, makes me wonder would it be so bad if properly dressed…? Would I be able to actually go out and play in your winter wonderland…? I have to admit the first video of the motorized tadpole recumbent, just riding along ever so gracefully, in such a pretty winter scenic roadway, was so inviting, that I would love to maybe some day try it…!
    Now down to business, as to the question of the sound we have heard during one of the recumbent videos…! I would be totally fooled if I was wrong in saying, it was a masterful piece of video sound dubbing, and not the electric motor of the trike in question….! Electric motors just don’t sound like a gas engine, with that throaty rich sound of exhaust…!
    I have been contemplating on adding a electric motor to my 4 wheel custom recumbent, but I must say when it comes to electrical work, and electronics, I am totally confused when it comes to all the different volts, wattage’s, amps, and mill amps and how they all are to be connected carefully as to not burn out the motor, controller, or even blowing up the batteries for that matter… As soon as I can find someone who can walk this totally inapt person to electronics on how to correctly power my ride, I will have to just live with out the luxury of an electric motor drive….! And who knows maybe by then they will have invented a better battery to power it all with, and I will be ahead of the game for a change….! LoL…!
    But thanks as always Steve, you have brought a great topic to us again, and maybe have even inspired a few folks also into making the plunge into the world of electric recumbents…!
    Armadillo Zack

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