planet-bike-1-watt-headlight  pb-blaze-1-watt-headlight-on-full-power

have used a 1 watt Planet Bike headlight for many years now. I almost always use it on flash mode as I almost always ride in the daytime and rarely at nighttime. At only 1 watt it is amazingly bright. This is due to the excellent optics employed. It is not a great light for nighttime use, but for for daytime with the flash mode it is superb. It operates on two AA batteries and they last an amazingly long time … like around 20 hours or more. I usually use rechargeable batteries in it which are super economical to use. I recently had a problem with my light as it would shut itself off almost immediately after turning it on flash mode. I just assumed it’s time had come after giving me many years of faithful service. I ordered another headlight to replace it. Meanwhile I removed this one from my trike and brought it inside the house. I started messing around with it and determined that the problem was a simple one and one I could fix. The battery contacts just needed cleaning. Now it is working great again. Here is a video of it I just took inside the house. It shows it on flash mode. Now I ask ya … would this get your attention?

It has always worked fine for me and many people have commented that they saw my headlight flashing from a long distance. It is also quite visible from the side also which is an added plus as many lights are not very visible from off to the side.

Here is my current headlight and taillight setup on flash mode. This obviously is in daylight which is mostly when I ride.

I like the idea of others seeing me while I am out there and am a firm believer of the importance of good lighting front and back as well as highly visible safety flags.

I have also experimented around with taillights and although I really liked what is shown in this next video I opted not to keep it because white light showing on the back of a vehicle is illegal.

As can be seen in the next video I now have a very bright red taillight which is so bright I would not dare use it at night time as it would be blinding to others. It is so much brighter than my other taillights that it makes them look dim when, in fact, they are also plenty bright, especially at night.

Here is my most recent taillight configuration/ Again, I would not use the 150 lumen taillight in full brightness mode at night time if I were out riding around other people. It is way too bright to use around others.

The concept of being able to …


appeals to me. How about you?

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Please note –  Since I first wrote this a few years ago I no longer use the Planet Bike lights as I have found better brighter lights for less money.

Author: Steve Newbauer

I have a few current blogs (tadpolerider1, navysight, truthtoponder and stevesmixedbag) so I am keeping busy. I hope you the reader will find these blogs interesting and enjoy your time here. Feel free to email me at tadpolerider2 at gmail dot com (


  1. That is a fine light for day time use, it’s only a shame it doesn’t work equally as good at night.. I bought around a year ago a Cree light which claimed to be around 30,000 lumens.. But actually I believe it to be some where around 20,000 lumens, if that, but it works just fine and gives me plenty enough light to find my way home… It is sad though how some companies advertise false ad’s to lure in customers, and you are not getting what you are actually paid for… But I believe that so long as you can see far enough in front of you and that your lights cause enough attention to be noticed while riding day, or night to be a total win , win situation…! There are many lights out there, and you could spend a day on line looking at more then a few hundred different lights.. But it all boils down to batteries and optics as you have said…! I have more than enough lights on my ride to attract attention, or alert drivers as to where I am, which include several lights on both my handle bars and rear rack which blink both white, and red lights, and a Arizona Whip which blinks red , white, and blue LED lights… I would think as I have been told as well by some of my neighbors that I am a hard target to miss, and they love to see me out in the evening from time to time riding thru the neighborhood, and love my patriotic light show as they call it…. LoL…! So as long as I’m seen, and and not a hazard to my self or other drivers, I’m pretty much happy with the lights I have… !

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