There are many bike locks already available and, of course, some are far better than others. In trying to secure our trikes we could do as the person did with this bicycle shown above or we could use just one lock … a FoldyLock. Yep, a rather unique product has come along called the FoldyLock. As many products have started out it used KickStarter which was successful for them and now their product is on the market and available. It is not cheap, but it does seem to be quite secure.


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What is Foldylock?

Foldylock is a premium folding Bike lock that easily unfolds to a 90 cm (Approx. 35.5 inches) sturdy lock. When folded it is easily carried in its designated case, mounted on your bike frame , or in rider’s back pack. The case can be mounted to a bike frame using the bottle holder fixing screws or with two specially designed straps. The case has a rattle free mechanism to prevent your lock from shaking while riding.
Foldylock will retail at 95 USD.



The plastic storage case comes in red, green or creme.

Certainly there are several other very good bicycle locks on the market and I am not trying to promote this one over any other. I am simply reporting this one to to you as I came across it recently and thought it worthwhile to share with you.


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Author: Steve Newbauer

I have a few current blogs (tadpolerider1, navysight, truthtoponder and stevesmixedbag) so I am keeping busy. I hope you the reader will find these blogs interesting and enjoy your time here. Feel free to email me at tadpolerider2 at gmail dot com (

5 thoughts on “FOLDYLOCK”

  1. The prices are as follows $95.00 for their classic and $70.00 for their newer compact model which is on Pre Order only… The difference is length, and weight, and of course compact abilities…!

    1. The Foldylock Classic is now showing for $70.00 on their website, marked down from a former $85.00. I may pick up one of these. Currently, I have a stout steel cable lock called the Kryptonite, but it is a challenge to get around the trike because it wants to remain in a curled position, and I end up fighting it to get it on without damaging my paint or spokes. This new Foldylock would make it easy, plus this new lock takes up less space.

      Link Here:

  2. I am always on the look out for the wayward vagabond, looking to pilfer, or abscond my quad-cycle.. Even parked in my carport in a gated community, I lock down everything as I have been broken into several times, and have come to lose, several things including a push mower, and a 379 lb. milling machine in broad daylight, and no one had seen anything that would be alarming to them…! But heaven forbid I should have any excess clutter, or what they consider to be clutter to accumulate in my carport, I would have a letter in my mailbox the very day…! But back to locking ones ride in order to protect it from being absconded… I use 2 cable locks both of high quality, or reputed to be of high quality.. One is called the Bronx locking cable lock, and another of equal, or slightly lesser quality, but of equal, or some what good accreditation anyway…! You cannot let down one’s guard for the slightest moment, or they will carry away your home if given ample time, and opportunity…! So I am always looking out for that better locking mechanism to guard my belongings…! This one seems to be something different in nature than what I have seen, or used in past or present searches for that Ideal lock.. It looks to be of high quality, and I watched it’s videos showing different methods of trying to remove it, by cutting, or freezing, and even hammering it with chisel, and only damaging the plastic decorative rings on it’s links, and locking mechanism… It seems to be of great quality for sure…! I also appreciate it ability to stow away neatly, and not unsightly in any way… As I did not see or hear any cost of this new locking mechanism, I shall take a look at their website, and see if it is of affordability as much as it’s capability… Thanks for this posting, as I’m sure this would be of interest to all who value their rides as much as I…..
    Armadillo Zack

  3. I wonder how well it would stand up to a Battery Powered Grinder as they seem to be compact & powerful. I would like to see a Brake Disc Lock & Steering Lock designed for bikes/trikes along with a decent alarm that doesn’t need new batteries every week. At the very least it would stop someone from being able to ride away & they might look a little conspicuous carrying your trike down the road.

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