A couple of years ago I managed to get the wax in my ears pushed back inside to where it was “impacted”. I suddenly transformed myself into the world of silence. I can remember driving myself to the doctor’s office to have them clear my ears of this wax impacting. It was really eerie driving along not being able to hear. Fortunately they got me fixed up and I could hear again. I can’t say that I enjoyed being deaf, but it was an interesting experience to go thru.

Now I said all that to lead up to my topic of this posting. Basically I am talking about all the different sounds we hear as we ride our trikes along … whether it be around many others and lots of sources of noise or by ourselves with very limited sound sources. Most definitely my favorite riding is away from the maddening crowd and all the noise associated with and generated by it. I enjoy hearing birds singing, squirrels chattering away,  frogs croaking, animals rustling the leaves and brush, and even the faint sounds coming from my trike as I pedal along.

Yes, I can truthfully say I enjoy hearing all those sounds. And then back to civilization I hear sirens, horns, car alarms, trains, traffic (trucks, buses, motorcycles, cars, etc.), outdoor speakers at businesses, loud so called music coming from motor vehicles and the list goes on. All of it is noise and not pleasing sounds. Yep, there is a world of difference between noise and sound. One is usually rather unpleasant and objectionable while the other is welcome and soothing.

This subject matter is one reason I like trails that take me away from the noise. I definitely don’t care for trails that run right along a busy roadway where all that horrible noise is present to contend with. I feel sorry for those who only have those sorts of trails where they live and ride. Of course, it is even worse for those who only have bike lanes on busy roads. And then there are those who don’t even have bike lanes … just busy roads to ride on.

Yep, I like the call of the wild as the silence I find out there can be deafening. 😉


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If you enjoy seeing and listening to birds HERE is a pretty good video to watch.

Author: Steve Newbauer

I have a few current blogs (tadpolerider1, navysight, truthtoponder and stevesmixedbag) so I am keeping busy. I hope you the reader will find these blogs interesting and enjoy your time here. Feel free to email me at tadpolerider2 at gmail dot com (


  1. Being a musician, I definitely agree, there’s a huge difference between noise and sound! Riding the trilke in selected areas gives you a chance to choose (most of the time) what is pleasant to your ears. Nice post Steve.

  2. I live in a subdivision and in which is also a 55+ community so there is no boom box music coming out of the trunk of cars, or that dreadful noise of trucks unless you include tractors which are used for maintaining the golf course .. But other than those noises we rarely here any real defining noises in which you see in a lot of big cities except that occasional fire, and ambulances which take you off to that happy golf course in the kingdom of the here after… I have a mocking bird which has taken to living in one of my bougainvilleas which sings to me as I sit out side in the morning reading the morning paper.. I love this place for that, but the silence can be defining as well, as there is no noise at all some times.. But I have to say I favor the quiet more than the day to day noises of the crowding in the big cities…!

  3. Here’s another DUH situation Steve & I hate to say it but I should have known better. I run Stop Flat tire liners & haven’t had a flat tire in over 4 years or more so I had become quite confident in my robust flat free tires. You could say I had become complacent. So when I heard a tick, tick, tick noise coming from behind me the last thing I expected was to look for something stuck in my tire. I had checked everything else thinking something was stuck in my wheel or spokes or sprocket etc. but not my tire. This went on for 2 weeks of day rides and was intermittent until finally one morning I had a flat tire. On removing the tire & tube I found a sheet metal screw stuck in my tire that had been slowly working it’s way through the tire liner until it finally caused a pin hole in the tube. The reason for the intermittent sound? I was riding on changing road surfaces. DOH!

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