I went for a ride today on one of our local trails.  I thoroughly enjoyed my ride thanks to the hub motor. What a difference it makes! Some say (and argue) that you don’t get as much exercise with a motor, but I say nonsense. I am fully convinced I get far more exercise using a motor. It encourages me to pedal faster and work harder to maintain the higher speed I find that there is a night and day difference when I ride using a motor to assist me. That is the key … to assist. It is all too easy to let the motor do all the work and there are those who do this. I try to keep pedaling most of the time while I am out riding. One thing I have noticed is that thanks to now having a geared hub motor with no resistance when there is no power going to it rather than a gearless direct drive like I had previously which has considerable resistance my trike really rolls good maintaining a good amount of the speed I obtained with the aid of the motor (or without it for that matter). And that makes it easier and encourages me to keep pedaling trying to maintain that higher speed … far higher than I go without the aid of the motor. I is just a whole lot more enjoyable riding going so much faster than I can go without the motor. In my opinion it is a “win-win” situation. I am loving it.

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Author: Steve Newbauer

I have a few current blogs (tadpolerider1, navysight, truthtoponder and stevesmixedbag) so I am keeping busy. I hope you the reader will find these blogs interesting and enjoy your time here. Feel free to email me at tadpolerider2 at gmail dot com (


  1. Glad to hear that it worked out for you and that you are happy with your new motor, that is the most important thing..

  2. Thanks so much Steve for your encouraging report. I have been seriously thinking of adding PAs to both of our trikes, but not having anyone in our area to assist me with choosing and/or installing one, has kept me from actually doing it. I am also not sure how it would work with my husband’s Rover Nuvinci. Unfortunately, due to illness, he is no longer able to undertake such tasks, so I may have to just simply buy a trike with the motor already included for him. I do want to keep us active as long as it is possible, so not giving up just yet.

    1. Gudron, you don’t have to buy a trike with the system installed already. As you have the NuVinci on your back wheel, this pretty much limits you to using a Crank (Mid -Drive) if you wish to keep the NuVinci. If that is not a consideration, then I would suggest buying a Brushlless, Geared Hub Motor which are far less intrusive to your riding experience. Regardless of what you read about Mid Drives, for road use they do not operate with the least trouble or smoothest application of power through your chain. Of course if you want to spend $2
      -3,000. for a system you will get a lot more refinement but for mortals that want to add a little assist on the hills, the in wheel rear hub motor is your best choice & can be installed by any local bike shop or ham fisted handy man.

      1. Glen, Do you recommend a specific brand and model of brushless, geared hub motor; and/or a specific vendor?

      2. It really depends on the intended application. If you are doing a lot of hill climbing, you would need a motor wired differently to one that you expect to do long distance or get speed with. I am happy with the brand I install here but it is middle of the road, intended for Assist on hills & medium speed requirements. Using it this way gets a really good range out of a small 10 – 12 amp battery but if you are relying on more power or lots of hill climbing torque I don’t think it would be the best choice. Send me info about your riding conditions, what you expect out of a kit (High Speed, Long Range etc) type of trike you have & where you are located & if I can help, I’m happy to.

  3. I agree, having a power assist makes riding the trails much more fun. Like you, I have found that I not only pedal more, but it has also taken away the fear of discovering new trails. Before PA I was reluctant to discover a new trail for fear that my wife and I might not be able to negotiate any unknown hills. Now we never worry about a new trail and how many hills we might have to climb. We have yet to find a hill we can’t negotiate with our PA. Makes riding a lot more for these two senior riders.

  4. I bought an eZee rear hub motor conversion kit. With my 48 volt battery I think it is rated at 750 watts, but I am not sure about that. As for top speed I have reached 28 mph thus far on 20 inch wheels. I may install 1.35 Schwalbe Marathon Plus tires next time I change front tires … which may give me a little more top speed. I am also slowly losing a little weight so that may help too.

  5. I sometimes feel like I am beating my head against a wall! What size motor did you finally end up with Steve & are you getting your anticipated 30 mph? Just found out that Bionix is in Chapter 12 Receivership which I think means they are trying to re-organize.

  6. Thanks, Steve for going through the trials and tribulations so–hopefully–the rest of us don’t have to. Glad it’s working for you. Please continue to let “us” know the good, the bad, and the ugly. I’m sure this is the year I pull the trigger (not the plug.) My unassisted riding on our mountain has fallen to zero as my age gets further and further away from the magic number 😉

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