Those who have been following my e-bike motor adventures know that I am on my 5th electric hub motor and have had 3 brands thus far. With various problems in the past I finally have one I am very pleased with thus far. It is an eZee motor I purchased from Grin Technologies of Vancouver, B.C., Canada. It is wickedly fast compared to the other hub motors I have had thus far. I am 71 years old now, but when I ride my trike I am truly enjoying the faster speeds I can obtain now  with the help of this motor. And the exercise I am getting has increased  as it encourages and helps me to pedal at a faster cadence considerably. It is like being a kid again.

It is the start of Memorial Day weekend and that means one major thing here in Indiana …the “Indy 500 race”. So with that in mind I offer the following … 🙂

A friend I was riding with is also 71 like me. His trike has a BionX hub motor like I used to have although his works right thus far. I asked him if he wanted to race. I am talking about a drag race from a rolling start using the hand throttles and motors power only. He agreed. I figured he would  be able to accelerate away from me at first … which he did … as I outweigh him by about 100 pounds so that gives him a huge advantage over me. He was only able to take the lead for a few feet however as I started gaining on him and quickly over took him shooting way out in front of him by a couple hundred feet or so like he had given up.   I slowed back up letting him catch up to me. I then asked him if he was still under full acceleration or if he had let off the throttle. He said he never let off of the throttle until I was way out in front of him and he saw how badly I beat him. Ah yes, drag racing at 71 … gotta love it! Hey, I may have to look into installing a drag chute … 😉

Yep, I am …


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Author: Steve Newbauer

I have a few current blogs (tadpolerider1, navysight, truthtoponder and stevesmixedbag) so I am keeping busy. I hope you the reader will find these blogs interesting and enjoy your time here. Feel free to email me at tadpolerider2 at gmail dot com (

3 thoughts on “AND THE WINNER IS ….”

  1. Congrats on your racing! I’ll miss your useful info. I learned a lot sometime ago before finally finding a trike for myself (used 2012 ICE Adventure FS pretty fully loaded via Craig’s List! – living in Hawaii I could not just jump in car and drive to dealer to look at trikes). Your site as well as others helped me learn more about them.

  2. Hello Steve,

    I have a question for you since you seem to be the all knowing brain and living data base of all things triking. Since my husband was diagnosed with Parkinson’s a few months ago and his ability to ride is declining, I have considered getting him a motor assisted trike. In my research on such trikes I came across a motorized trike with suspension and already lots of nice accessories included at a very reasonable price. It is called an ERT-36 by trike and I believe it comes out of Asia somewhere even though the company claims to have inventory in the U.S., but their return policy is very vague and they have no showroom, you must order the trike online. I am a bit leary about ordering an expensive item like that online and possibly having no recourse if something wouldn’t be right after we receive it. My question is, have you heard of them and what is your opinion of their product?

    My husband is also in a wheelchair if we have to go shopping in large stores or go out and about where he can’t walk, so we went ahead and purchased a very nice motorized wheelchair that folds up for travel from a similar online company last year. Our experience luckily was great, the product is exceptionally good and it arrived within two weeks. It makes me wonder if they might be the same company who makes this trike as their website is so much like the one for our wheelchair. If it is similar to the quality that we received, I would not hesitate a moment to order it for him.

    Thanks for your input regarding this if you have heard of them. I never saw it mentIoned yet by anyone on the Facebook recumbent trike groups.

    Sincerely, Gudrun Crittendon

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