I have never been much of a goal setter in my life. I reckon I am just too “laid back” in my approach to life. I have never had a bucket list as some do. I just take one day at a time and usually have no anxiety in my life. I truly enjoy inner peace each and every day. Never  the less, I have had one desire of sorts I have wanted to accomplish. I have wanted to complete a “century ride” on my trike. When I was younger I many times rode 100 plus miles in one day on my bicycle. It was very common for me. However in more recent years since I started riding recumbents I have never ridden that kind of distance in one day. About 9 years ago I attempted it and made it to 89 miles when I was forced to stop as it had gotten dark and the batteries in my headlight drained down to where I could no longer see where I was going. I didn’t carry extra batteries with me at that time. (I have since then.) It bummed me out as I was doing well and would not of had any issue getting the remaining 11 miles in. I didn’t have the health issues then that I do now … at least not to the extent I do now.

Century rides are normally a matter of an organized event where numerous bicyclists participate and must complete the 100 miles within 12 hours. That being said, riding 100 miles certainly isn’t limited to  doing so under those conditions.  Part of my riding that day was riding with two friends and part of it was riding my myself. A small part of it was riding on city streets while the rest of it was all on local trails.

The other day a friend of mine told me that he was going to ride 100 miles that day. I knew he wouldn’t do it as he is quite prone to exaggeration and falsehoods. I hear such stuff all the time from him. The fact that he made the boast that day sparked something within me as the day went on. I had not planned to attempt riding 100 miles, but as the day went on I kept riding and by 6:30 PM I had ridden my first century ride on my trike. I started out about 8:30 and stopped for lunch for at least 30 minutes. I rode at a slow pace when I rode with my friends as they ride very slow. So in order to get the 100 miles in in the tme I started actually working on it (about 3:30 PM) I had to ride much faster. I was glad to have finally accomplished it. I am not getting any younger and it is not likely the health issues I have will ever improve. I have done it andno doubt will ever attempt it again. I am sure I could. I just don’t have any desire to do it again. Once is enough. And here is the proof:

my two computers showing the 100 mile distance on the tripometer mode display

I know that some riders have ridden on several centrury rides. I would be interested in reading comments from readers as to whether or not you have ridden on at least one centry ride. If not, have you considered it? Do you have a goal of accomplishing it? Please sound off. And by all means even if it is something you have no hope of ever accomplishing don’t give up. 100 feet in distance is better than nothing. Do whatever you can do to …




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Author: Steve Newbauer

I have a few current blogs (tadpolerider1, navysight, truthtoponder and stevesmixedbag) so I am keeping busy. I hope you the reader will find these blogs interesting and enjoy your time here. Feel free to email me at tadpolerider2 at gmail dot com (@gmail.com)

9 thoughts on “CENTURY RIDES – ARE YOU UP TO IT?”

  1. Well Steve congratulations on your century rude..my post on why electric aside..I want to get back in shape and do the 100 miles..hopefully by winter of 2022..what are the rules 100 miles in 12 hours or is the time different if you ride continuously? I would like to do this

  2. Wow and congratulations to you and others who have accomplished what you have. At 68 I am riding my Expedition on a paved trail which is mostly flat but with a couple of rather steep hills. Normally, I ride 40 miles every other morning in about 3 hours. I really started riding regularly about four months ago. Your post inspires me to keep pushing myself a little more at a time with a new goal of riding a century. Each time I achieve and maintain a new higher mileage goal I am really happy with myself. And I feel stronger and more fit. So far I have dropped from 245 to 225 lbs. My goal is to get to 175. I am setting a new long term goal now of riding a century. Thank you for the inspiration!

  3. Congratulations on your Century and to others for any distance in comfort. I finished a Century last month, plus several charity ride Metric Century (62-mile) rides, and feel better at 72 than I did years previously on DF and 2-wheel recumbent distance rides. I can offer one suggestion to everyone to keep track of your distance, time, and average gradient (ft gained per mile) if your computer has that information. I find that my average speed is about ten miles in one hour of actual pedaling for most gradients. Flatter is faster. Steeper is much slower. How far do I plan to trike beyond a short hop? Sometimes it is based on hours of daylight left in the day. Sometimes it is an achievable goal like “half metric century” which means about 30 miles in about three hours of pedaling plus an enjoyable coffee or meal at the halfway point.

  4. Congrats on the Century ride, Steve.
    I don’t have that kind of desire myself anymore, I just usually ride somewhere between 20 & 50 depending on the day. I probably could be coerced into riding a hundred but at 73 I don’t feel I’m compelled to do so.
    But then there is the problem of keeping up with my sweetie. She could probably do an easy century depending on the weather. So let’s see… should I go back and rewrite this whole paragraph? LOL

  5. I have had my Electric Assist trike for two year. So far, I have done three century rides. Just takes so long, I don’t attempt these too often.

  6. Wow, that is impressive, Congratulations! I would so love to do that, but have been mostly housebound this year due to my husband’s illness and riding alone is too scary for me. Besides the 90+ temps here each day make it miserable for me. So I get my vicarious kicks from reading stories such as yours. Never give up, I love reading your stories and blogs.

  7. Good on you! I have ridden enough centuries on my df bikes. I have no desire to ride one on my trike. An hour or two a day is all I aspire to

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