Here is a lengthly article on the history of BionX which I found to be quite informative and an interesting read. It will interesting to see if BionX makes some sort of a comeback. I am sure lots of BionX owners would love to see that happen. Among the information found here is how to reprogram the software to allow the motor to provide more speed. That being said I think a person would have to be pretty tech savvy to understand all of this and do reprogramming. Reading thru it I found it over my head.

Author: Steve Newbauer

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One thought on “THE HISTORY OF BIONX”

  1. Was talking with an owner of a local e-bike shop in Santa Cruz, CA-Current e-Bikes, after purchasing a new battery from Foldaway Solutions, but had no way to update the battery. The owner, Mike, informed me that Amego EV an e-bike shop in Toronto, Canada has purchased some of BionX’s inventory and their intellectual property. I contacted Amigo EV and they said they are working on a BionX portal for dealers/shops to log into.They recommended Velofix as a source of service, but the Velofix tech in Silicon Valley, could not log on to the portal. If dealers have BionX software they will be able to log in and perform service and updates hopefully soon. I sure would like to obtain the software BionX BBI so I could do some of my own service-Is there anyone out there that has a copy they’d share or sell??? PLEASE!

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