Lucinda Chandler

She may not look like Linda Carter but you are looking at a real life wonder woman. If you don’t believe me just read THIS article. Among her many accomplishments in life she was the first person to ride a Catrike tadpole trike from one coast of the United States to the other. She chose a Catrike and requested the factory to paint it pink for her. (I love the color pink.) She rode from San Diego, California to Saint Augustine, Florida in 58 days. I wrote about this many years ago on this blog (the original one) but since the entire blog was deleted it is gone forever. Years later here I am posting about this gal as it is a worthwhile story. She was truly an inspiration to others.

Loaded down for her journey she treks along …

Upon completion of her journey these pictures were captured for posterity … one holding up both arms forming a V for victory and the other lifting her pink trike up over her head in victory  …

(Did I mention that I love the color pink?)

She returned home to Martha’s Vineyard following her historic ride where she could be seen riding her trike around the area and became well known for doing so.

Lucinda started a business following her ride across the U.S. She offered  guided recumbent trike rides … organized planned rides for anyone who wanted to try it. It was the first of its kind as far as was known.

With winter coming on she kept riding with the help of a VeloKit on her trike. She was a trooper!

HERE is another article about her.

Sadly she is no longer with us as death came all too early for her. HERE is another article about her. It briefly mentions her death being the result of an unexpected illness.

I am impressed with her and I really do love that pink color. She really …




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Author: Steve Newbauer

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