Walmart is apparently the one and only source for this low cost tadpole trike. When I say low cost I am talking about $698. Of course, the old adage remains true … “You usually get what you pay for.” As you can see it is a rather odd looking creation … a very high seat … so it is not going to be a contender for great handling. I would have to agree with one description I read … basically “a wheelchair with pedals”. I have not been able to discover much technical information on this trike. I have been trying to find out the seat height but came up empty handed. It certainly is not my idea of a recumbent tadpole trike but I am sure they will sell. BTW, as I compose this Walmart reports that they are Out of Stock.. so apparently they are selling.


  • Comfortable recumbent position – the rider’s weight is distributed more evenly over a larger area increasing the longevity of comfort
  • Laid back and reclining ergonomic design
  • 20″ Wheels, 2 in front, 1 in back
  • Integrated head rest
  • 7 Speeds with a Tourney TX Derailleur making smooth shifts
  • Handlebar brakes within easy reach
  • Adjustable Seat
  • Dimensions: 35.43″L x 18.90″W x 26.62″H

HERE is Kent’s website. I had never heard of this company until I came upon this trike but according to the following paragraph I am not keeping up with the times.

Kent International Inc is an American bicycle manufacturer based in Parsippany, New Jersey. It imports and distributes bicycles and bicycle accessories worldwide. As of 2014, it was considered the 2nd largest manufacturer of bicycles in the United States. Philkam Cycle changed its name in 1958 to Kent International. In 1979 it began manufacturing bicycles in Kearny, New Jersey, but closed its factory and moved manufacturing overseas in 1990. It returned manufacturing to the United States in 2014, building a facility in Clarendon County, South Carolina.

Click HERE to download the manual.

It certainly would not be my choice in tadpole trikes but hey, if money is an issue this might not be too bad of a deal. At least it is American made. I just hope Kent stands behind their products offering good service and speedy parts when needed.

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Author: Steve Newbauer

I have a few current blogs (tadpolerider1, navysight, truthtoponder and stevesmixedbag) so I am keeping busy. I hope you the reader will find these blogs interesting and enjoy your time here. Feel free to email me at tadpolerider2 at gmail dot com (@gmail.com)


  1. It would be great to see some folks who know the current issues and has a workaround for these issues. There are many motorcycles on the market some of the best Japanese exports that have known issues and most fans know about them and are on the list of aftermarket costs, I’m looking at you dual-sport bikes with some dinosaur tech. So let’s take this cheapy Chinese import and build her up to be a “decent” trike. Sadly, trikes aren’t popular in the most bicycle-friendly countries nor will they ever be. So supporting a cheapy trike will/could move the needle. Heck, we might get a good redistributed in the states that decides to make this list of aftermarket changes and sell them stateside as decent affordable trikes, can’t hurt.

  2. Wow! I really appreciate the comments from everyone. I was (WAS!) considering a Kent Cavalier. I too had a serious fall 8 months ago and I’m happy to be walking with a cane. Due to broken tibia, fibula and two vertebra the muscles in my right leg have atrophied plus other issues. I thought a recumbent trike would be a good way to support my back and strengthen my legs. Investing in worth while equipment sounds better than throwing money away. 66 yr old lady

    1. You won’t regret spending a little more to get yourself something reasonable. If cost is your biggest concern, the Trident Spike is probably the best value economy trike on the market but for many people a Power Assist is required to give you an enjoyable ride. The added cost of a Power Assist can be as much or more than the cost of the trike so now it becomes a chicken & egg situation. If you are going to spend $3000. for a basic trike with Power Assist, is it worth spending the extra to get something really decent that you might keep for many years instead of upgrading in 6 months?

      1. Are you familiar with the Trigo made by HASE? See hasebikesusa.com also RAD-Innovations.com. It is a delta trike. I’m interested in under seat steering, but there is a model with above seat steering, Trigo Up.
        The base price for the Trigo is $2840.

  3. daytriker, Forgive my previous arrogance please! Thank you for your input and humbly taken. You was 100% correct on the Kent international Cavalier. You are 100% correct It is a total piece of junk and should not be sold. All warranty parts are unavailable and Kent will not say anything but “Return the item to the retailer” So, I am returning my “mistake” and looking forward to ordering the Trident you posted a link to ! Thank you ! Happy trails & keep the greasy side down.

    1. No Problem Bob, I think you will find the Trident a far superior reliable trike than the Kent with a lot more options to enjoy your ride.

  4. I just received my Kent Cavalier tadpole trike via Walmart & shipped on Fedex. (Only sold through Walmart) Just as many others that have uncrated theirs’s also found the front wheel dust caps to be broken. (Youtube videos) After contacting Kent international, the dust caps are “out of stock” of course, and no idea when the slow boat from China will arrive. Fact, They are NOT made in the U.S.A they are a product of china. I found this out after receiving it as the box is marked “Product of China” Buzz kill… .
    Sadly, I have been searching for a comparable dust caps for the front wheels and found nothing. Kent international hasn’t a clue when or where what wheel MFG or hub size. Over all, It rides fine as a cruiser and surely not meant for high speed but is fairly quick. Somewhat a bit “squirrely” but being a 62 year old I don’t plan on any fast rides with it. IMHO Great for a leisurely ride . Spec’s: Front wheel width is 32″ Front axle center to rear axel center 38″ Seat height is 16″

    1. Kent is simply “import/export. They don’t have the specs because they drop-ship orders. Walmart doesn’t sell them, a seller uses their store front to sell. Kent is probably buying those for 200-300 bucks.

      1. Hank,Thanks for the reply. If I had my choice an Eco tad would have been my choice but the Sunseeker Eco tad is far out of mine and my Wife’s budget. “Eco”is not as Economical for the average American house hold. As far as Kent international, I have no desire to ever purchase any other products from them what so ever. They are rude, do not answer your questions and basically give you the “Bum’s rush”. My eagerness just to finally own a Tad pole style trike got the best of me. Now the choice is return it and take a walk. Or work with what I have and be grateful to have at least this.

    2. Okay, after all of the issues from the opening of the crate and following issues , (Seat coming apart) defunct components failing in just 2 days , Along with Kent International replying with “return the item to the retailer” I have decided to take the advise of others and return this massive P.O …. eh, CRAP back to where it came from and drop the cash for a quality product most likely from Utah trikes. Don’t waste your money on this massive piece of Charlie cheapo Chinese made crap. lesson learned I digress, .

  5. I hope this is a start in a new movement and more trikes cut their prices down. I have back issues and I’d love to do long runs but its not possible with my current condition but an affordable recumbent would be a great fit. I guess if they were more popular abroad their prices would be lower. I honestly never seen a recumbent in footage of china so it might be awhile for the prices to do down, but I’m hoping!

    1. Yes, You are 100% correct! The price of this was THE factor in my purchasing the Cavalier. $695 us. Sure , I would have rather had a Utah trikes Tadpole but, The cost of any Utah trike product prohibited my investment. .

      1. I have to wonder about the logic of buying a piece of junk like this only to have to start spending money to have usable components or a stable trike to ride. Going TOO cheap gets you junk that breaks, is unreliable, performs badly, sometimes needs a redesign or machine shop work or could even get you injured in an accident. Why not save yourself numerous headaches & problems & buy a Trident Spike 1 for $1249? It would be a far better built trike than this Walmart contraption & after you spent your hard earned money doing the upgrades, it could end up costing you more than the Spike. – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pb4v25LKvQY

      2. daytriker, 1. Logic? are you implying I didn’t use logic Sir? Personally, I don’t have the $1249 just laying around. (Current economy pending ) Like I mentioned before, This is for riding around in my neighborhood on slow relaxing rides. I am disabled and just lucky to walk & speak again or even ride after a serious accident. All of my 2 wheeled bikes are now useless to me solely due to the accident resulting in permanent balance issues and spinal cord damage. Kind’a wrecked my life ya think?! Yeah sure, “You get what you pay for “applies, However why would I need a Ferrari to go to the grocery store and back a few blocks when a Rambler can do the same? Similar scenario IMHO. I am blessed just to have this. BTW Thanks for the highly discouraging reply. Kindness goes a long way M8

      3. Bob, I understand you buy what you can afford but if/when this trike starts giving you problems, needing repairs, requiring more money to be spent on it or contributes further to your poor health or another injury, you may start wondering whether the investment you made is helping or hindering your quality of life. To make your situation even worse, it could leave you stranded so I hope you have someone with a vehicle to rescue you if it does. As for the Ferrari reference, I’m afraid what you have bought is a Vauxhall Firenza. A car so bad the owners staged a protest & planned to drive to Ottawa to petition the Government to force GM to give them refunds. Most of the cars broke down on the way to the protest. If this trike suits your needs, more power to you & it is not my intention to discourage you at all but don’t ask me to pretend that what you have bought is a sensible, useful product when it is not. I simply call them as I see them. Wishing you good luck & happy trails.

      4. The Cavalier is a headache and replacement parts are not supported nor any warrantee claims but “Return to the retailer” was sent by Kent Intl themselves
        $695 for a unusable broken unit straight out of the shipping crate. Save your hard earn $$ and buy something with quality. “You get what you pay for” applies

  6. If the standard of the 2wheel bikes from Wally world is the same for their trikes then we will see them along the highways..

  7. I think I would be concerned about the 19 inch width. Sure hope that isn’t outside dimension to outside making the wheel track about 15 inches.

    1. I’m wondering if that’s the dimensions as shipped. Looking a the front view when assembled its at least double the width of the seat. Guessing over 30″+

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