MAGPED … another magnetic pedal offering for foot retention


I don’t know anything about them at this point in time as I only first heard of them 5 minutes ago. Looking at their website , one can readily see that what they offer is a mountain bike pedal with a magnet bolted down onto it. They also have road pedals. The company is out of British Columbia, Canada.

They have various models varying in price … $72 to $208. Wow, I paid $13 for my BMX pedal and they have been great. Some models have just one magnet so the rider can only use one side of the pedal if they want the magnet in use. One model has two magnets so it doesn’t matter which side of the pedal is used as both sides have a magnet. They sell replacement parts such as magnets, pins, shoe plates, etc.

My biggest concern with using a magnetic foot retention system is the magnets picking up metal pieces on them as well as magnetizing the steel plates in the shoes and having them pick up metal as one walks around in them. With my own personal experience with BMX pedals my shoes stay in place on them quite well without anything holding them down onto the pedal. So with the aid of a magnet I would think that they stay in place quite well as long as the magnet used is strong enough. They have some extremely strong magnets nowadays.

I don’t think these would work for me as I like to be able to move my foot around on the pedal if I want to. That would be tricky and challenging using this set up. Besides I much prefer wearing whatever footwear I want to. But I know that there are many who want their feet secured to the pedals when they ride and these pedals just might appeal to you.

Instagram: @magpedNA

So for anyone looking for an alternative foot retention system you might want to consider these. Be safe out there and …


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