Like bicycle tires the inner tubes that go inside of them can be confusing. There are lots of different sizes and other things which vary in the offerings. It is imperative that we buy the right size and type. Probably the two biggest factors are valve type … Schrader or Presta … and the size … both in width and diameter. Rubber stretches but we need to be careful we don’t try using an inner tube which is too small and stretches too much. And as to diameter we need to be careful there as not all inner tubes are the same diameter. By that I mean it may say 20 inch on the box but upon trying to install it we find that it is way too big of diameter to fit. There are 406 and 451 diameters. Most of our trikes use 406. I have found that not all those who work in a bike shop know this and they might sell you a 451 inner tube. The picture below shows a 451 inner tube in a 406 tire. As you can see there is way too much inner tube to fit.

Here are some web pages to help  inform us and straighten out any confusion:


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Author: Steve Newbauer

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