CloutHub is an alternative to Facebook and is quickly catching on as it is not into censorship like Facebook. I joined it recently and upon searching their groups I discovered that they did not have any existing groups about recumbent trikes. So I made the decision to do something about it. Anyone who is a member of CloutHub is welcome to join the Recumbent Trikes Group. I chose that name because I did not want to exclude non tadpole recumbent trike riders. One does not have to have a recumbent trike to join this open (public) group. All that is required is having an interest in recumbent trikes. There is one important thing I want to state upfront. This group is about recumbent trikes and only recumbent trikes. Anything posted or comments made must be related to recumbent trikes. If not it will be deleted. Members who do so are subject to being removed from membership. I would love to see this group grow and be a blessing to everyone. COME CHECK IT OUT … Recumbent Trikes Group

I need to explain something important. If you should do a search for recumbent trikes group on CloutHub you would likely get three groups with that name. I don’t understand how and why CloutHub allows this as it is crazy. In trying to set up this group I had problems and in the midst of it all I ended up creating all three of these groups. Only one is being used and the other two I hope to eventually delete. Anyway, HERE is a link to the correct one to join. I apologize for this mess.


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Author: Steve Newbauer

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