I bought my Catrike new back in 2009. It came with an owner’s manual. I have never bought another Catrike since but it is my understanding that Catrike no longer supplies a user manual with their new trikes and has not for several years. If you are in need of one, like so many other things, you can find it available online.

Click HERE to locate one for your Catrike.

Actually if I understand correctly there is just one 63 page manual used for all models. The link above should take you directly to it. Looking at the 2009 manual I see that it  covers all models as well. They did not offer a model specific owners manua.

Catrike offers a webpage of “knowledge”  which includes links to specific years of their manuals. They show 2004 to 2020 as being available. They also offer videos to view to help with maintenance and repair. Click  HERE to visit their knowledge webpage.

Here is some of what you will find there:

Owner’s Manuals
Owner’s Manuals are organized by model year. Start with the most recent owner’s manual as that version contains the latest information. If there is something specific to your model not shown, then, refer to the owner’s manual for the model year of your Catrike.

Current | 2018 | 2017 | 2016 | 2015 | 2014 | 2013 | 2012 | 2011 | 2010 | 2009 | 2007 | 2006 | 2005 | 2004

Basic Cleaning And Maintenance
Dealer Quick Start Guide
Spindle Replacement Instructions (2013)

Front Fender Installation

20″ & 26″ Rear Fender Installation

700c Rear Fender Installation

Road Rear Fender Installation

Trail & Villager Rear Fender Installation

FSA Headset Assembly

Rack Assembly (all models)

RockShox Monarch Information

Mechanic Reference Installation Manual

FAQ / Riding Tips
Can I Change The Wheel Size?
Can I Sit More Upright?
Can I Tow a Trailer?
How Do I Measure My X-Seam?
How Do I Transport My Catrike?
What Is The Weight Limit of My Catrike?
What Tire Size Fits My Catrike?
What Year Is My Catrike?
Where Is My Serial Number Located?
Is Touch Up Paint Available?
Availability of Accessories

The next section is their videos. Unfortunately none of them are marked so the reader knows what they are about. That is really dumb and rather irresponsible.      …   C’mon Catrike, you can do better than that!

I hope you find this helpful.


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Performer Trikes is offering a new model with a heavier load capacity and a higher seat than their other models. It is named Hero. It looks to have 20 inch wheels upfront and a 700 rear wheel. 18 speeds will cost 2,200 USD and the 22 speeds version 2,450 USD.  You can read about it here:

New heavy duty trike: Performer Hero


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We have an Amish ran store with a buffet style restaurant located in a small town about 18 miles from where I live. It has long been the destination of my daily ride. Awhile back they added hot wings and barbeque wings to their offerings. This is only on Saturdays.  Each day Monday thru Saturday they have a different offering. Saturday has become my favorite day to go there as I love their hot and barbeque wings. It makes for a good ride even though it means riding  on rural roads which are usually in bad shape from the Amish horses. I have about 3 different routes I have selected. Two of them I have to deal with the bad roads. The third is much smoother so it is the way I usually take. There is only about a mile difference between any of the routes. Of course, there is always the Amish exhaust to deal with … horse poop all over the road. Never the less the food is … MMM MMM GOOD … making the ride worthwhile. And there is a cheap desert which I love available at another business next door. As long as I am able to …


I hope to keep this as part of my daily rides.

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ordered a Tongsheng TSDZ2 crank drive motor March 25, 2021 and installed it in very late April after waiting to get an extension cable I discovered I needed. Yesterday with only 1365 miles on it I uninstalled it as it no longer ran. It didn’t even last two months. I am very disappointed with it and there is no way I can recommend it to anyone. It is a piece of junk as far as I am concerned. I have requested a full refund. I will be waiting to see how that goes. It was my first experience with crank drive as I have always had a rear hub motor since I got into e-motor assist over 4 years ago. I did discover that I don’t like crank drive at all. It is very hard on the drive train. A hub drive is much more practical. I think the Tongsheng motor is underbuilt and poor quality.


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From the archives … again

This posting from back in 2014 is probably one of if not the most viewed posting on this blog. I don’t know why it is so popular. It would not be anywhere near my top pick.

BTW, It is my understanding that David Bruce no longer makes these trikes.

From the archives …


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MAGPED … another magnetic pedal offering for foot retention


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Here is a video about steering on recumbent trikes. It explains the typical commonly found steering and the AR-3 lean steering.

Here is the video description found on YouTube:

“AR-3 Recumbent Tadpole Trike, all wheel tilting mechanism explanation. In depth description and details of standard tadpole recumbent steering, and why the AR-3 all wheel tilting steering is revolutionary.
The Patented steering design is like no other and follows the natural feel of a bicycle because of its center axis steering system cleverly angled forward, which emulates the feeling of a bicycle while banking into turns with all three wheels. for the latest development and video.”

It sounds great to me as in I would like to have it. There is one thing I noticed that bothers me … the seat appears to be placed very far back behind the crossmember of the frame. My guess is that the weight distribution is much different on this design than it is on a regular non leaning design. I definitely don’t like the look of the seat. The part where one’s butt sits looks extremely small. Speaking of the seat there is a video about it …

For more information visit their website …

$3995 for non motorized version

$5995 for motorized pedal assist version. Pedal assist with 350 Watt Bafang rear hub motor and 36 Volt lithium E-bike battery.

$1595 for the AR-3 frame kit (use your own wheels and various components)

I would think that the frame kit is in high demand. I see that the website shows Out of Stock while that is not the case for the complete trike models. Only a 26 inch rear wheel can be used on  this design. It will be interesting to see a leaning trike out there. Tire wear should be improved since this pretty much eliminates tire scrub from hard fast cornering. Pushing forward on one handlebar while pulling back on the other handlebar is how steering is accomplished.

Specifications AR-3E (motorized version):
The E-bike version is all we have fully assembled.
Approximate Total weight: 48 pounds riding weight. (very light for a trike with motor and battery)
Steering Radius: 8.5’
The frame was FEA static tested to Rider weight of 480 pounds but we recommend 250 pounds for best riding results. I would keep the cargo balanced for a more pleasurable ride.
Width: 36”
Length: 84” (That’s a long trike.)
Height: 26” with backrest retracted. 3“ additional with backrest fully extended.
Ground clearance: 4.5”

How the AR-3 works:
Being prone also gives a great aerodynamic advantage lending itself to going further and faster with the less effort than a conventional bicycle. Obviously many of us don’t wish to or can no longer perch on a standard bicycle seat. The seat on the AR-3 is comparable to a high performance sports car bucket seat.

Articulating all wheel tilting steering for recumbent tricycle and other vehicles providing stability and controlled lean of all three wheels simultaneously.

Consisting of a single front steering yoke that rotates or steers, on a pivoting axis neck, with a negative castor angle and bearing on the stationary frame which forces the rear wheel and frame to actively tilt into the direction of the turn.

The active front wheel leaning linkage consists of, the front steering yolk with horizontal bushings on the outer ends, which only allows the front wheels axles and control arm assemblies to lean in toward the turn producing a camber to both front wheels.

Tie rods, connected to the front wheel’s spindle assembly and anchored to the frame, forward of the pivot axis, actively linking handlebars, front wheel and frame tilt together thus causing all wheels to lean together when directional force is applied.

“All the Benefits of 3 wheel recumbents, but with all the virtues of a bicycle.”                                      (their words not mine)


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Hit and Run … it can happen so fast and, of course, unexpectedly. It happened to me yesterday, June 5th. I was riding a trail which runs alongside of a busy road. I came to an intersection where I had to cross. The crosswalk is very well marked and there are pedestrian signals to help one get across the road. However, it is a very dangerous intersection with traffic turning and many of them pay no attention to the crosswalk. I had sat there patiently waiting for the traffic light to change after pushing the button for the crosswalk. It finally changed and I started across when suddenly I heard a corn horn and saw a white SUV appear cutting me off as he turned the corner. One thing I have learned is that in the state of Indiana crosswalks don’t mean anything to most motorists even though the law requires motorists to stop and yield to anyone who is in the crosswalk. Even the police do not obey this law. Anyway, this SUV cut me off turning right in front of me. My left foot (shoe), pedal and crankarm made solid contact with the side of his vehicle. I was definitely most fortunate to have “angels watching over me”. Basically nothing at all happened to me or my trike. I was surprised that there was no damage to my trike as I ran into the side of his SUV pretty hard. I braked hard but he cut me off causing the contact between vehicles to happen. He kept accelerating and wasn’t about to slow down. He took the right of way even though he didn’t have it. I was kept from having a scene like this one shown below. Again … angels watching over me.

With the impact which occurred I would expect my trike would have at least got tipped over on its side. I can only hope he received about $1000 damage to the side of his vehicle although I have no idea if any damage happened at all. He didn’t even bother to slow up much less stop. It was definitely a matter of hit and run. That is a very dangerous intersection for pedestrians and cyclists, especially going the direction I was going. As you can see in the image below the crosswalk is very well marked. I can’t help but think … what if I or someone else had been walking across that intersection and the motorist pulled that crap … somebody might very well have been killed.


Here is northern Indiana it is extremely rare to have any motorist stop for those in crosswalks.. And if someone does stop one still needs to be very careful as usually other motorists won’t stop. They will just keep on coming from the opposite direction and if they are going the same direction the stopped motorist is going chances are they will go around them. Trying to cross the street/road under these circumstances is very risky. And the worst of it is the police do absolutely nothing. As I said, they are among the worst offenders. Why nothing is done about this I don’t understand. I think the next time I am riding in that area I will “take the lane” on in the road. It is a whole lot safer.

I am happy to say that I am able to …


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Meet fellow triker, 67 year old Marty Feely, who rides “Greta”, a Catrike Expedition. He is about to take an epic adventure on his trike riding from the west coast of the U.S. to the east coast. He has a YouTube channel where you can watch his videos. Marty resides in southern Utah.

Marty is delayed in getting started on his journey for good reason. My heart goes out to him as he is dealing with the loss of his friend (his cat). Having watched his video of his “shakedown cruise” where near the end he arrives back home and his cat awaits him and they interact with one another it touched my heart. Then I watched this video …

Sorry, the video has been removed.

I know what it is like losing a much loved pet … having to say goodbye to a best friend. Marty says that there won’t be much in the way of new videos posted during his ride as he plans on riding and not taking time to edit videos to post. He plans on pulling a trailer rather than carry a heavy load on his trike. I wish him well and a safe journey.

According to his planned route at this time he won’t be riding anywhere near me. It would be great for fellow trikers to meet up with him and ride with him for awhile as he journeys along offering him support and encouragement.

If you are interested in helping financially supporting Marty on his trike journey you can do so HERE.


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Utah Trikes videos …. as Tony the Tiger used to say … “THEY’RE GREAT!”. Definitely these folks have produced a lot of videos thru the years and I agree with Tony … they are great. Check them out …


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