ordered a Tongsheng TSDZ2 crank drive motor March 25, 2021 and installed it in very late April after waiting to get an extension cable I discovered I needed. Yesterday with only 1365 miles on it I uninstalled it as it no longer ran. It didn’t even last two months. I am very disappointed with it and there is no way I can recommend it to anyone. It is a piece of junk as far as I am concerned. I have requested a full refund. I will be waiting to see how that goes. It was my first experience with crank drive as I have always had a rear hub motor since I got into e-motor assist over 4 years ago. I did discover that I don’t like crank drive at all. It is very hard on the drive train. A hub drive is much more practical. I think the Tongsheng motor is underbuilt and poor quality.


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Author: Steve Newbauer

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  1. Steve, what you see as blame, I see as accepting responsibility. You have had 4 motor failures on 4 different kits so any reasonable person would ask, “am I doing something wrong?” I would suspect that using a rear hub motor alongside a torque sensing motor on your cranks may be what has caused your problem. The hub motor may be trying to over ride the mid drive screwing up the torque sensor in the Tongsheng. Again, you have placed the fault with the motor instead of considering the possibility that it is user error. I am not placing blame as you call it but lack of knowledge or experience is not the fault of the product, especially when it is not used as intended. The good news for you is these motors are extremely simple & easy to work on & if you are able to determine what has failed you could replace the failed components while upgrading it at the same time. If I remember correctly, weren’t you running 350 watts on 36 volts? Get in touch with these guys & get your kit upgraded to a 750 watt controller, brass drive gear & 48 volts if you are running at 36 & you just might put that smile back on your face. –

    1. So what exactly failed on your motor/driveline? Shame you are stuck in this mind set as you will not solve the problem until you address exactly what is causing you to go through so many kits. You did not have a powerful motor to cause your chain or driveline wear, yet instead of asking yourself, “Why am I having problems with Power Assist Kits?” you prefer to blame the kit itself. I have sent the Tongsheng Kits to Alabama, California, Washington, Georgia & they are probably the softest on your driveline out of many I have tried or installed. The Bafang’s can be a lot harsher on start up as well as shifting if your controller is not set up properly. Not so with the Tongsheng as it simply amplifies the amount of effort you apply to your pedals. On level one you would be hard pressed to tell the motor was working. Level 2 is a gentle application of power, either from start up or between shifts. What I have found though is that many users start up or use the TSDZ2 incorrectly. Once we found out what trikers were doing, it was easy to educate them to correct their habits. Do not clip in to your pedals before starting up your system. Do not use it as an automatic – i.e. simply hit the throttle in any gear, on any hill. You have to downshift as you would without a Power Assist. Here’s what one elderly customer wrote after we corrected some of her bad habits using the 350 watt TSDZ2 – “Oh! Glen, I can not believe what a difference this has made. My motor is working all the time. Thank you thank you. I went the whole way to Qualicum Road and back to the hill on Pine Street. I went up it so smoothly and easily.
      As soon as the weather is better I plan to attempt to trike up Memorial drive. Soon I will be strong enough to ride all the way to Parksville. Once again thank you.”

      1. I have noticed that you like to place all the blame on me. You seem to think it is impossible that we deal with poor quality control on Chinese made products. I don’t know what went wrong with the Tongsheng motor. It worked fine at first but started to get a little noisier. Eventually the motor just quit working. Mind you this was while still having and using my rear wheel hub motor as the main motor assist. The Tongsheng had very little use during the time period I had it. The BionX I started out with worked great at first but then the torque sensing pedal assist quit working. I know, it was all my fault. Then BionX goofed up and sent me the wrong motor to replace it under warranty … again, all my fault. After the BionX I ordered a Golden Motor rear hub motor and it had something wrong with it right out of the box. It would only do 14 mph instead of 28. The company I purchased it from was willing to replace it with another one, but I was so turned off and unimpressed with the one they first sent me that I didn’t want another one. I just got a refund. That whole thing no doubt was all my fault too. Then I got an eZee rear hub motor and it has worked good until a few months ago when the power started cutting out when the power is turned on using the manual throttle. I have not been able to get any help from the company I bought it from. They told me it is the battery but that is nonsense as I have 3 batteries and it does the same thing with all of them. And this problem started all at once and it makes no difference which battery is used. I personally think the problem is with the controller. I discovered that I can dial the power level down to about 50% and the power stays on most of the time. Of course, this is all my fault too. I mean it just is not possible that an electronic component failed. It’s got to be my fault.

  2. How many kits have you gone through now? Is it 4? I seem to remember telling you the kit you ordered was not suitable for your needs. You are trying to “move a house with a moped” & until you spend the money for a suitable kit they will all give you problems. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the Tongsheng when used as intended.

  3. Steve, sorry to hear that. Mine seems to be holding up just fine, but I may not have as many miles on it as you do. Keep us posted. Where did you purchase yours? I got mine from the guys in Tennessee. I’m thinking of getting another unit for my trike here in Indiana. Maybe I’ll try the new Bafang with the torque sensor. A bit more money though.
    Just why do you say it’s harder on the drive train? I would argue that if the drive train is tough enough to withstand our own pedal torque then the motor should not be any worse. And if you install a gear changing sensor it should be no different than us manually pausing pedaling to shift. And if you pair it with a Rolloff or Enviolo hub, that would fix that issue. Your thoughts?
    I’m hoping for the best outcome for you.…

    1. It is a well known fact that crank drive motors are harder on the drive train. Chain and sprockets wear out faster … much faster. Your logic makes no sense stating that a motor does not add any more torque to the equation. The whole purpose of adding a motor is to add more torque than the rider produces on his/her own human power. The average person produces about 100 watts. Using a motor increases that considerably … at least 4 times as much. I bought my motor kit online from a company in China.

      1. Steve, you just don’t seem to get it. Watts has nothing to do with damaging your drive line. Lots of people are running with 1500 watt motors without having their drivetrains self destruct. Rohloff puts limits on their hubs with the front to rear chainring/sprocket ratios to maintain the health & warranty of their hubs. Other riders have destroyed Alfine 11 hubs trying to use them on mountain bike trails. How many people have damaged a derailleur drivetrain by trying to start out on a hill in 4th gear? And that’s WITHOUT a motor. You need proper gearing along with a suitable motor to provide sufficient torque to get your more than abundant mass moving. Once you understand that, you might find a suitable Power Assist Kit that works for you. You cannot simply add a motor kit & expect that is all you have to do. As you have found out already.

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