While out riding yesterday I was truly enjoying the great Indiana weather and thankful unto the Lord for another beautiful day the Lord Jesus had created. The temperature was around 70 degrees and the sky was blue with only a few small clouds. One could not ask for better weather. I thoroughly enjoyed my ride. Later after getting back home I was watching the news and they were talking about the haze over most of the United States created by the many wildfires burning in the western U.S. And they advised people to stay indoors as the smoke causing all the haze is very unhealthy to breathe in.

And then there is all the horrific flooding going on in Europe. And there is usually various storm damage going on in many different locations. Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes take their toll as well.

Lastly, there are many places where war and civil unrest are going on so that it is unsafe to venture out.  All of this and more effect our ability and opportunity to RIDE BOLDLY RIDE and being out ENJOYING THE RIDE’.

Again, here where I live nothing has happened to change anything. I am out riding nearly every day. All I have to deal with is some of the trails closing due to river flooding and nasty slippery sticky mud left behind when the flood water subsides. I just have to wait awhile until it is all cleaned up and the trails are reopened. That can take quite awhile sometimes. Even so I am still able to ride as other trails are still open and available. And there are always streets and roads I can ride if it comes to that.

Reflecting upon all the turmoil in this world we live in I find I have so very much to be thankful for. Lord, help me this day and always to have a truly thankful heart and to always remember that every good gift comes from Your hand.

Yesterday as I was out riding I stopped for lunch and enjoyed some delicious food and great music the restaurant was playing. Many restaurants play music that make me want to leave the premises and take away from a pleasant dining experience. It cries out … “MARANATHA:”. Until then my plan is to …


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By the way, did you know that all of these things I mentioned going on are prophesied in God’s Word (the Bible) to be happening in the Last Days? Jesus is coming back soon and boy is He mad. That is prophesied too.

Author: Steve Newbauer

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