On the home stretch of my ride today I was on a wide sidewalk near the VA Hospital where they have major construction going on. They have a temporary fence erected along the sidewalk I was on. I am calling it a sidewalk but the city of Fort Wayne calls it a trail. To me at best it is a “glorified sidewalk”. There is no way I could ever call it a trail.

Anyway, as I was riding along I could see for quite a distance that there was no one else around me I was sharing the trail with so I was glancing around as I rode along just seeing what I could see. As I rode along I looked back ahead of me just in time to see a wooden pallet laying down on the sidewalk blocking off a fair amount of it. Thankfully I was able to miss it. There was a second pallet laying down just a few more yards past the first one.

I was quite fortunate to have seen them in time. If I would have hit either one it could have really messed up my day. Both of the pallets had been leaning up against the fence for the last few days. Somebody purposely and maliciously laid them down. I don’t know why they were on that side of the fence to begin with. All of the construction, supplies and equipment were being stored on the other side of the fence. There was no reason for them to be on the outside of the fence.

It indeed can be dangerous out there and flirting with things rather than paying close attention can be disastrous. We all want to …


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Author: Steve Newbauer

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