No one in their right mind wants to get hit by a car. This video gives good advice on how to avoid it.


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Author: Steve Newbauer

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One thought on “HOW NOT TO BE HIT BY A CAR”

  1. I’ve got the Varia Radar system on my trike. I moved it from my bike. It is a great addition to my rear view mirrors. Properly mounted, it picks up cars at the same range that I can just see them in my rear views. The display show multiple vehicles as as white dots that move up the bar as they get closer. To be of best use the display needs to be mounted where it is in easy view. You need to make the display part of your scan routine as you drive. It has let me know about some vehicles that I missed due to them blending in with the background. It even picks up bikes that are overtaking you. It seems to work on a Doppler effect so the following vehicle needs to be going faster than you to trigger the display. I will always use it. I believe it makes things a lot safer because I’m more aware of what is going on behind me.

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