Cleat position is something more and more riders are becoming aware of. It is believed by many that having the cleats positioned in the arch of the shoe is better than the ball of the shoe. It is said to help eliminate “hot spots” in the foot as well as other foot pain issues. Nearly all SPD shoes and sandals are manufactured with the cleats position further forward in the ball of the foot. I have read that there were a couple of shoe manufacturers that tried offering them in the arch area but they discontinued doing so because there was not enough interest in this reflected in their sales. So it comes down to DIY (do it yourself) or dealing with a fellow tadpole trike rider who offers this service to others. He has helped many recumbent trikers resolve their foot problems. Here is his contact information:

William (Bill) Barrere:
Email: wbarrere@gmail.com
Tel: 786-307-5986
He has a Facebook group page entitled RECUMBENT ONE.

There are various articles and resources for this subject:



There are many more but nearly everything I see has to do with regular bicycling and not recumbents even though my search was for recumbents.

Here is a link to the search results:


I have written articles about this before:




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Author: Steve Newbauer

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