Years ago I posted an article about another tadpole trike which is manufactured in Brasil. I am pleased to say that this manufacturer is producing a nicer looking trike. GoTrikes website is in Portuguese  so I am out of luck trying to decipher much from it. I did not see anything to click on to translate it into English. I am told that this no longer is a problem as the website now offers English. FYI, I discovered that if I use the Google Chrome browser (something I avoid as much as possible) I can read it in English as Google translates it.

They offer a couple of models and they are available non-motorized and motorized. They also offer one they call Cargo Dog which is simply a trike which comes with a trailer. The prices are listed in Brazilian Real. GoTrikes sells directly from their website.  GoTrikes is like Ford’s Model A car … you can have your choice of black or black as far as colors it comes in.

The Scorpion Mach 3 lists for 4470 Brazilian Real which currently is about US$860. The Mach3E (motorized) lists for 9480 Brazilian Real which is about US$1823. Of course shipping is extra. GoTrikes will sell to customers on credit card for 12 equal monthly payments. You can EMAIL the founder of the company, Ricardo Chede . And HERE is the company’s regular email address for contact. Their telephone number is (41) 98886-7578. Lastly, here is the company’s physical address:

Rua Felisbina Rosa Cordeiro 126 São José dos Pinhais – Paraná

They offer a newsletter via email that you can sign up for.

GoTrikes videos

Got any questions? HERE is their FAQ page.

Well, I reckon that’s all I\ve got to say about that.




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Author: Steve Newbauer

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