This little thing which as you can see easily fits in the palm of my hand and the remote control for it which is even smaller is a Hendun bike alarm. Recently someone posted about it on Facebook and that is how I learned of it. I bought it on Amazon for only $17.90. In and of itself it won’t prevent one’s trike from being stolen. It is more less a tool to be used to alert the trike owner to somebody messing with their trike.  It is recommended that this alarm be used along with a lock to actually help prevent the theft of a trike. It is advertised as being 113 decibels. I have no way of measuring it but it is loud. I am not so sure that it is LOUD Enough  though to be heard if the owner is inside a restaurant or store or even their house.

I especially like the “panic button” on the alarm’s remote control. I have been pondering over using it  in place of my bell or horn. I definitely think it would be heard. The only thing is the remote is so small it might be hard trying to use it while riding along. Here is a video about this alarm.

And here is another video about bike alarms …

The alarm is a different brand name but it looks identical to the one I bought. That is China for ya. HERE it is on Amazon. It lists for 9 cents more than the Hendun I bought. Of course, Amazon has many different bike alarms and many of them are fairly low cost.

I tested the range of the remote today. I got about 200 feet away from my trike using the remote and it was still working. I didn’t bother going any further distance away.

Here is a video of me messing around trying to learn how to use this alarm as far as all the different sounds it is capable of.

Well, I am going to go install my new alarm. I wonder how loose dogs would respond to it.

UPDATE–I installed the alarm and went for a ride. Within 20 minutes I tried to use it and discovered that the alarm quit working.  I would have to say it is typical Chinese junk. I will be returning it to Amazon and get a replacement hoping it will keep working. If not, next time I will return it for a refund. This is all next day service with Amazon.




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